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A number of Biblical topics are valuable for Christian growth but may not justify emphasis for an extended period. Therefore, I 've developed several such topics into what I call "Sunday Seminars". They run from one to three hours in length and are designed to stimulate group participation. The style is informal.

Brief study outline links are listed below:

1. Ten Basic Rules For Bible Study
The Bible can be a very difficult book to read and study. This seminar provides some tips for finding out what the Bible really has to say.

2. Normal Is Better Than Average
What is the difference between a good Christian and a typical American? Can a good Christian fit into society? Just how "different" should we be?

3. What The Bible Says About Speaking in Tongues (Unlearned languages)
What about speaking in tongues in the Christian church? Is it forbidden? Is it required? Is it permitted? The Apostle Paul gives some frank and plain answers to these questions.

4. Where Do Dinosaurs Fit?
The science books our children use in school claim this planet is millions of years old. Bible historians, however, say there's less than 10,000 years between Adam and us. What can we teach our children which is both scientifically accurate and Biblically correct?

5. The Job Description Of The Holy Spirit
You may know what John Wesley taught on the Holy Spirit. Here is a scriptural outline of what Jesus Christ said about the role the Holy Spirit should play in your life.

6. Christ In The Parent-Child Relationship
A summary of how to blend behavioral techniques and Christian values in providing training and discipline for children in the home.

7. Christ In The Employer-Employee Relationship
What happens when we place the Bible beside union contracts, grievance procedures, and work rules? Does the Bible have a place in labor relations?

8. The Care And Feeding Of Baby Christians
Here are some simple tips on how to reduce the mortality rate of the baby Christians we, the mothering church, are responsible for raising.

9. Why Did The Christmas Angels Sing About Peace?
Did the angels sing the wrong song the night Jesus was born?

10. Legal Action vs Arbitration.
Should Christians take each other to court. Arbitration as a scriptural alternative.

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This product is an excellent tool for creating IEPs and curricula. It consists of the following components:

  • 16 Subject Areas
  • 105 Goal Areas under the Subject Areas
  • 4,830 Objectives under the Goal Areas
  • 2,719 Suggested Activities for achieving the objectives.