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4,830 Objectives and 2,719 Activities

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 Home SchoolMaster Curriculum

Attention Home Schoolers! You always have two major questions when you prepare a lesson for your child: 1] What do I teach, and 2]How do I teach it. Now, the raw material for answers to these questions is:

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  • The PennSTAR Master Curriculum is a great program. I would like to have all my graduate students order this program...a terrific job.

  • Thanks so much for the PennSTAR Master Curriculum! I found it to be even more helpful than I thought it would be! Accept my thanks for putting out his great product.

Free [for S & H]: The PennSTAR Master Curriculum outcomes in original, corner-stapled hard copy. While they last! All 4,830 outcomes/objectives.

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Guidelines for Using PennSTAR to Create a Curriculum

The PennSTAR Home SchoolMaster Curriculum provides raw material in the form of 4,830 Objectives [what do I teach] and 2,719 Activities [how do I teach it] to be used in your word processor, database program when creating lesson plans. The PennSTAR files are in ASCII [.txt] format and will work with any Windows or Macintosh application that reads .txt files.

16 Subject Areas and
105 Goal Areas
The 4,830 Objectives are Distributed Across the 105
Goal Areas

Goal Areas are listed in alphabetical order within the Subject Areas.

 7. Reading [Free samples]
Comprehension and Appreciation
Functional Reading
Reading Readiness
Study and Reference Skills
Vocabulary and Word Analysis

 9. Math
Advanced Measurement
Advanced Number Systems
Basic Measurement
Basic Number Systems
Math Readiness
Processes and Concepts
 3. Language Development
Early Language
Expressive Language
Language Content
Language Syntax
Receptive Language
8. Language Arts
Composition and Writing
Cursive Writing
Grammar and Mechanics
Language Arts Concepts and Processes
Manuscript Writing
 10. Social Studies
Citizenship and Government
Concepts and Processes in Social Studies
Geography, Maps, and Globes
11. Science
Biological and Environmental Science
Earth and Space Science
Physical and Chemical Science
Scientific Processes and Concepts
13. Arts
Advanced Music Activities
Art Activities
Basic Music Activities
Dance and Movement Activities
Drama Activities
 4. Social Skills
Self-related Behaviors
Interpersonal Behaviors
Task-related Behaviors
12. Health and Safety
Family Living
Personal Welfare
 14. Leisure Time
Leisure Time
Physical Activities
 15. Life Skills
Clothing Care
Computer Applications
Consumer Skills
Home Maintenance
Personal Mobility
Public Dining
16. Vocational Training
Advanced Welding
Auto Mechanics
Basic Tool Skills
Basic Welding
Blueprints And Specifications
Career Education
Construction Preparation
Domestic and Custodial Skills
Exterior And Interior Construction
Food Preparation
Food Service
Manicuring and Cosmetology
Office and Clerical
Power Tool Skills
Pre-Vocational Skills
Structure Assembly
Work Habits and Attitudes
5. Communication
Auditory Training
Non-verbal Communication
Social Communication
6. Visual/Sensory
Advanced Orientation and Mobility
Advanced Special Equipment Utilization
Basic Orientation and Mobility
Basic Special Equipment Utilization
Braille Readiness
Braille Reading and Writing
Low Vision
Touch Typing
Visual Awareness
 1. Self Help
Advanced Eating
Assistive Devices
Basic Eating
2. Perceptual Motor
Advanced Gross Motor
Basic Gross Motor
Fine Motor
Sensory Awareness
Visual Perceptual Motor



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 A user writes:
Thanks so much for the PennSTAR ... Curriculum! I found it to be even more helpful than I thought it would be! Accept my thanks for putting out his great product.

You can import PennSTAR files into Windows or Macintosh application that recognizes ASCII (text) files

Your program will include 4830 Short Term Objectives and 2719 Related Activities

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Teachers-- and parents who are homeschooling--
Download the PennSTAR Master Curriculum

This product is an excellent tool for creating IEPs and curricula. It consists of the following components:

  • 16 Subject Areas
  • 105 Goal Areas under the Subject Areas
  • 4,830 Objectives under the Goal Areas
  • 2,719 Suggested Activities for achieving the objectives.

Click to Download a PennSTAR Master Curriculum Free Sample to Your Desktop as a PDF File

[The Subject Area of the Sample is Reading. The sample consists of 219 Objectives and 322 Suggested Activities.]