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Prologue to Proof

by G. Edwin Lint

Teachers-- and parents who are homeschooling--
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Rev. Florein Strohl, in Allentown, PA,
C. 1949

My first personal recollection of the Bible was sitting on the lap of my Gram, Rev. Florein Strohl, as she read to me from the Egermier's Bible Story Book about the Old Testament heroes. I can still see that blue cloth cover with the picture of Jesus talking to the children. What a great way for a little kid to spend a rainy afternoon! Or any afternoon, for that matter.

Gram has been in Heaven now for many years. How she must have shouted the glory down when she first found out about how God had authenticated Himself and His Word for this digital generation by inserting key words into the Old Testament via ELS.

When I was a teenager, my Dad, Rev. J. Franklin Lint Sr., disciplined me one day by making me sit down and memorize a verse of scripture. I cheated. I chose, "And the Lord spake unto Moses, saying."

From Exodus 6:10 to Deuteronomy 32:48, there is a scriptural record that God spoke to Moses 130 times. Dad went to be with the Lord in 1993, and lies beside Mom on a hillside in Milton, West Virginia; she died in 1971. Little did Mom or Dad realize that when God spake unto Moses saying, He was dictating the precise words that would contain the ELS codes which so amaze the Bible scholars as well as skeptics of this digital age.

The Bible has been written by up to 39 separate authors in three different languages over a period of 3900 hundred years. Yet it has never been in proven conflict with itself. In other words, it has internal integrity. No other literary work in the history of civilization can come even close to making, and supporting, this claim.

And, the Bible has never been in proven conflict with scientific fact. It's been in conflict with theories, such as evolution, but never with fact. The primary purpose of the Bible is to share with humans the process whereby we may return to fellowship with our Creator, Almighty God.

However, when the Bible does speak about history, medicine, astronomy, or science, it is found to be totally correct in the light of the latest scientific and archeological discoveries.

Michael Drosnin's The Bible Code is especially rich in detailed ELS references to the history as well as the future of this nation and the planet.

It is my prayer that this humble Website will help you use these four books about the ELS codes to verify for yourself that God is real, and the Bible is truth.

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Teachers-- and parents who are homeschooling--
Download the PennSTAR Master Curriculum

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