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Grant R. Jeffrey, Ph.D.

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Frontier Research Publications, Inc.
Box 470470
Tulsa, OK 74147-0470

Who Killed Jesus, and Why?

Grant R. Jeffrey well known in the field of Bible prophecy. He is a powerful speaker, a tireless researcher, and a prolific author and producer of audios and videos. His most recent work, as of November 8,1996, is The Signature of God.

It was my privilege to hear Grant Jeffrey present the essence of The Signature of God the weekend of November 6, 1996, in a conference at the Christian Life Assembly in Camp Hill, PA 17011 USA. In Bible Code Software Comparisons by Roy A. Reinhold 1/21/98, you can read about the features of a number of ELS software programs which enable the average person to look for the hidden codes in the Bible as recently shown in The Bible Code by Michael Drosnin and Cracking the Bible Code by Jeffrey Satinover.

It was truly exciting to hear Grant explain the ELS concept and talk about what this new research will mean to the Christian community and the world at large. This new book is described in Grant's literature as follows:

The Signature of God is the most fascinating and important book that Grant has written. This book will startle and thrill you with its well-documented scientific evidence that will prove that the Bible is the inspired Word of God beyond a shadow of a doubt. Grant argues that God has indeed written His Signature on the pages of the Scriptures through a staggering number of divine proofs that its words are inspired and authoritative.


Apocalypse: The Coming Judgment of the Nations
Armageddon: Appointment With Destiny
Final Warning: Economic Collapse & the Coming World Gov.
Heaven: The Mystery of Angels (Revised & Expanded)
Messiah: War in the Middle East
Prince of Darkness
Signature of God (New Release)


Agenda of the New world Order and the Tribulation
Antichrist and the Mark of the Beast
Archeological Discoveries and beneath the Temple
Ark of the Covenant and the Red Heifer
Coming Millennial kingdom
Coming Russian Invasion and Armageddon
European Superstate and the Tribulation
Financial Strategies & Assault on our Freedom
Prince of Darkness and the Final Inquisition
Prophetic Signs and the Tribulations
Rapture and Heaven's Glory
Rebirth of Israel and The Messiah
Rebuilding the Temple and its Treasures
Rush to Armageddon
Russia's Secret Agenda
Search for the Messiah
Seven-Hour Video Conference Album, Grant Jeffrey and Hal Lindsey

Audio Tapes

Destiny Dateline Tape of the month (12 tapes)
Seven-Hour Audio Conference Album, Grant Jeffrey and Hal Lindsey
Super Money Management (6 Cassettes)

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