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Meditation Moments

As heard on Internet Radio 2000-2009

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History of Meditation Moments

Meditation Moments were first written in the early 1970s while I was working as a part-time DJ at WPGM AM-FM Stereo in Danville, Pa. Larry Souder, General Manager, wanted some inspirational fill a couple times an hour during music blocks. I started writing Meditation Moments on the job, in my spare time.

During the 1980s, Meditation Moments were revised and expanded for use on what was then my syndicated Gospel Caravan and Something Beautiful programs. They were further revised and polished in 1996 and 1997 for use on the live version of Gospel Caravan on WVMM Grantham, PA. When I retired Gospel Caravan in May 1997, Meditation Moments were published and distributed on the Web through DiskBooks.Org Then along came Internet Radio in April 2000, with Gospel Caravan and Something Beautiful being heard on www.Live365.Com

As originally designed back at WPGM in the 70s, they appear within music blocks.

Gospel Caravan as an Internet broadcast went into hiatus June, 2009.

G. Edwin Lint, Author.



Meditation Moments carry a copyright: ©1996, 1997 G. Edwin Lint. However, this should not deter you from freely using Meditation Moments on the air or in your publications. Click for details:

Table of Contents

Including 8 for Christmas

1. Abortion And Capital Punishment

2. Adoption Or Abortion

3. Amazing Grace

4. Big Bang Theory

5. Birth Control

6. Blood Of The Lamb

7. Chaste Sex

8. Communicating With God

9. Dinosaurs Do Fit

10. Divorce

11. Earthquake Easter Morning

12. Family Of God

13. Fighting Obscenity And Child Pornography

14. Filled With The Holy Spirit

15. First Nine Months

16. Growing In Grace

17. Headed In The Right Direction

18. How Our Universe Came Into Existence

19. Innocence Of Jesus Christ

20. Lamb Of God

21. Life Saving Facts About Sex

22. Masterpiece Which Is The Unborn Child

23. Normal And Average

24. Omniscience Of God

25. Operating Manual

26. Personal Savior

27. Plan Of Salvation

28. Raising Your Hand During Worship

29. Rapture

30. Reasonable Nature Of Your Salvation

31. Satan's Future

32. Sinning Against Your Will

33. Smoking

34. Social Drinking

35. Spiritual Warfare

36. Suffering Of Jesus Christ

37. Traditional Family Values

38. Virginity

39. Watching Television

40. What's Life All About



41 Born In A Barn

42 Born To Die

43 Date Of Christmas

44 Equidistant Letter Sequences (ELS) And Christmas

45 How Many Wise Men

46 Innkeeper

47 Keep Christ In Christmas

48 Santa Claus And The Baby Jesus


Meditation Moments

1 Abortion and Capital Punishment

This is _____________________ and during this Meditation Moment, let's talk about abortion and capital punishment.

You may be wondering what connection there can be between abortion and the death penalty for capital crimes. Why don't you find out for yourself?

Every time you meet a person who is pro choice, ask how that person feels about capital punishment. You'll be amazed by how many people are willing to kill an unborn child who is guilty of nothing more than being an inconvenience, while proclaiming loudly that society does not have the right to take the life of a criminal who has been convicted of first degree murder.

Check it out for yourself.

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2 Adoption or Abortion

This is _____________________ and during this Meditation Moment, let's talk unplanned pregnancies.

Our family has been talking about a beautiful television public service announcement which shows a youth choir singing Amazing Grace. A member of the choir is doing the narration and she identifies herself as a victim of abortion who spent the first part of her life in an incubator. The message is very simple-- Who could possibly kill this girl because she posed a career inconvenience or an additional financial responsibility?

Always remember that all pregnancies-- planned or unplanned-- represent human life from the moment of conception onward. If you're pregnant and considering an abortion, do this first:

Ask your doctor to show a real-time ultrasound image of your baby to you and your entire family. By the way, such an image let's you see TV pictures inside the womb. After you've looked in the face of your living child, then you'll be better prepared to consider killing that baby.

If you don't care to raise your baby, contact a reputable adoption agency. There are millions of couples out there who are praying for a chance to adopt your baby.

Life! What a beautiful choice!

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3 Amazing Grace

This is _______________ and during this Meditation Moment, let's talk about Amazing Grace.

This is one of the best-know hymn titles in the world. But, the words "amazing grace" represent the least understood concept in all the world. Let me help you with a very simple definition.

First, "grace" means not getting what you do deserve -- and that is hell for your sins, BUT getting what you don't deserve -- and that is heaven forever with Jesus. You probably already know what amazing means but let me tell you again. It's the utterly stupendous fact that Jesus was willing to die on the cross as your sin sacrifice so you can get what you don't deserve and so you don't get what you do deserve.

Pretty amazing, isn't it?

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4 Big Bang Theory

This is _______________________________ and during this Meditation Moment, let's talk about the big bang theory regarding the birth of the universe.

We've been hearing a lot of talk lately about how scientists now believe they have evidence that proves the universe came into existence in an instantaneous explosion about 15 billion years ago, instead of a long cycle of whirling gases, with heating and cooling and collection of particles. This idea has come to be known as the "big bang" theory. When Ted Koppel introduced an ABC Nightline program devoted to an examination of the big bang theory, he did so by reading from the first two verses of Genesis.

When you think about the creation of the universe, do so with these two important concepts in mind. First, however it happened-- God did it with His creative power. And, second-- since the I AM God lives in the timelessness of the eternal present where there is neither past nor future, 15 billion years is no more significant than 15 seconds.

No matter how long it took, or how long ago it happened-- Almighty God did it all, and had everything under His total control.

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5 Birth Control

This is _______________ and during this Meditation Moment, let's talk about birth control for married persons as a moral issue.

Some people who are opposed to birth control quote Gen. 38:9 which talks about Onan "spilling his seed on the ground" when he was told to have sexual intercourse with Tamar, his dead brother's wife. His method was either withdrawal or masturbation. For reasons which are unclear, Onan did not want to follow the custom of his day and father children in the name of his dead brother, Er. This disobedience displeased God, who killed Onan. This type of incident is not reported elsewhere in the Bible. Therefore, a sole reference like this is not a valid reason to oppose birth control on moral grounds.

I like a bumper sticker I've seen on this topic: PRO-CHOICE before conception -- PRO-LIFE after conception. If you are married and not practicing birth control, there is nothing in the Bible which says you shouldn't.

Another reference which is used in opposition to birth control is Gen. 1:28, where God commands Adam and Eve to be fruitful, multiply, and replenish the earth. The human race has obeyed this command to the extent that overpopulation is now a concern for many.

Another point of opposition to birth control is the general notion that sexual intercourse for the sake of pleasure instead of reproduction is wrong. This concept is in direct opposition to Paul's teaching in 1 Cor. 7 where the issue is clearly sexual satisfaction and not reproduction. Paul says, "It is better to marry than to burn (with passion)", not "It is better to marry than to allow the earth to go unpopulated." Paul wrote these words when the earth was occupied by far fewer people than today.

Although some church groups are theologically opposed to birth control, this position is not based on any known scripture.

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6 Blood of the Lamb

This is _______________ and during this Meditation Moment, let's talk about blood.

Some theologians would like to take the blood of Jesus Christ out of Christian worship. These same people take the blood out of the Bible by totally ignoring it in their teaching and preaching. But there really is power in the blood of Jesus. He was born to die on the cross as our sin sacrifice -- so we won't have to pay the death penalty for our sin.

This means that if you take the Blood out of the hymnal, and out of the sermons, and out of the instruction we provide our children, you are removing the source of power from the plan of salvation. Without the Blood, worship become meaningless liturgy. Praise becomes empty noise. And the Bible becomes nothing but a set of cunningly-devised fables.

You see, when Jesus died on the cross as the Lamb of God, He paid the death penalty for your sin. If you accept His sacrifice, you get eternal life instead of eternal damnation. Now that's pretty powerful stuff!

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7 Chaste Sex

This is _______________ and during this Meditation Moment, let's talk about chaste sex. And I'm saying "chaste" sex, not safe sex.

C H A S T E. Chaste. My Funk and Wagnalls dictionary defines chaste as "free from sexual impurity". And the Bible defines sexual impurity as sexual intercourse outside legal marriage. This means no sex before marriage, and no sex after marriage with anyone except your legal spouse. If young men and women remain virgins until marriage as the Bible teaches, the spread of sexually-transmitted diseases -- including AIDS -- would be wiped out in just one generation.

Of course there's another important reason for practicing chaste sex -- you'll be living according to the teachings of the Bible, God's operating manual for your body. Since God is your manufacturer, He is the final and unchanging authority on what's best for you.

By the way, there is no such thing as "safe sex" if that sex is illicit and outside the bonds and bounds of legal marriage. The failure rate for even the best condoms ranges between 10 and 20 percent.

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8 Communicating with God

This is _______________ and during this Meditation Moment, let's talk about communicating with God.


Do you realize that at the time the Declaration of Independence was signed, our fastest means of communication was the fastest horse? Today, we beam pictures and sound around the globe by means of satellites and accept pictures from space as a matter of course. In the midst of your faxing and beaming and dialing, don't ignore the most powerful form of communication-- talking with God. Preachers tend to refer to communicating with God as "prayer".


But you don't have to have an FCC license or a theology degree to communicate at this highest level. Just call on God and talk with Him. It works. I've already done it several times today.

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9 Dinosaurs Do Fit

This is _______________ and during this Meditation Moment, let's talk about where dinosaurs fit into the Biblical story of creation.

Adam was created in 3975 B.C.-- according to Frank Klassen in his book A Chronology of the Bible. If you add in the 2,0047 years since the birth of Christ, you have a total of 5,979 years, from Adam until you and me. Yet-- your child's science books talk about the age of the earth in millions and even billions of years. One way to resolve this kind of controversy is to say the science books and science teachers are wrong. Of course, many educators and scientists respond by saying that the Biblical account of creation is wrong.

There are four possible parts to the solution to this puzzle and in the time I have now, I can only outline those parts.

The first part to the solution is very simple and also very profound. No matter how long it took or how it was done, GOD DID IT! God is the sole creative force in the entire universe and everything exists as a result of His design and His power. The first answer is-- God did it.

The second part of the solution is, God is timeless and lives in the eternal present, where there is no past and no future. In Exodus 3:14, God describes Himself to Moses as the I AM! Not the I WAS-- or the I WILL BE-- but the I AM! The millions and even billions of years we're talking about here don't even exist for God. Time is for our convenience. He is timeless!

The next part of the solution deals with the length of God's days of creation. The Genesis account of creation clearly talks about six creative days. To us, a day is 24 hours, the amount of time it takes the earth to rotate once on its axis in relationship to the sun. But-- God's days in Genesis may NOT have been 24 hours long. Our means of measuring time, the sun and moon, weren't created until the fourth creative day. How long were the first three creative days? They could have been a zillion years each, since God is timeless and we humans weren't even created yet.

The fourth part of the solution deals with the point in the history of the earth where humans first enter the picture. The first verse in the Bible says, "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth." The second verse, though, is a shocker. This new creation of God is described as being without form and totally empty of anything meaningful. Perhaps there was a cataclysmic catastrophe between verse one and verse two of Genesis chapter one. This catastrophe could have lasted for zillions of years.

Now let's go back and review the first part of the solution I just outlined. No matter how long it took and how it was done, God Did It. Period! End of story.

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10 Divorce

This is _______________ and during this Meditation Moment, let's talk about the solution to the problem of divorce.

You may have heard Steve and Annie Chapman sing the song titled Broken Pieces in which they point out that children are the broken pieces when a marriage falls apart. For years conservative Christians have been concerned by the erosion of the stable marriage-- and the permanent damage done to the young and innocent lives involved in those tragedies.

Now research is showing that divorce may not be a quick fix for marriage problems. The facts show that a second marriage is likely to be less stable than the first one, and that children may suffer permanent psychological damage by divorce.

The solution to the divorce problem is the life-changing power of the Blood of Jesus Christ and being filled by the Holy Spirit.

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11 Earthquake Easter Morning

This is ____________________ and during this Meditation Moment, let's talk about the earthquake when Jesus rose from the dead.

In his story of the resurrection, Matthew tells us that there was a violent earthquake when the angel rolled the stone away from the mouth of the tomb. Did you ever wonder what might have caused that earthquake? Surely the size and weight of the stone weren't so great that it caused the ground to shake. It that were true, there would have been an equal earthquake when the soldiers rolled the stone into place when Jesus was buried Friday night.

In his books about angels and demons, Frank Paretti describes continual warfare between these supernatural beings, complete with hand-to-hand combat and flashing swords. The morning of the resurrection was the last chance Satan and his demons would have to destroy God's plan of salvation for you and me. If Jesus could be kept in the tomb, the glory of the resurrection would be deflated. In my mind's eye, I see a mass of dark demons gathering at the mouth of the tomb. But I see a shining angel at the mouth of the tomb, also. And then, in a mighty clash of supernatural energies, that single angel mows down the demons and rolls back the stone, so Jesus could emerge victorious.

A battle like that would be enough to cause a violent earthquake, don't you think? Of course, it was no real contest. After all, John tells us in Revelation that a single angel will chain Satan and lock him up for a thousand years. If one angel can do that to Satan, just think what an angel could do to mere demons.

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12 Family of God

This is _______________ and during this Meditation Moment, let's talk about the family of God.

Family is very important to me and I love to participate in those extended-family get-togethers on holidays and special occasions. But -- maybe you don't have an extended family or maybe you don't live close enough to visit very often. However, any evangelical church can provide an extended spiritual family.

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior -- you are adopted into the family of God where God is your Father, Jesus is your brother, and all others who know Jesus personally are brothers and sisters together in the Lord.

Now that's what I call an extended family!

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13 Fighting Obscenity and Child Pornography

This is _____________________ and during this Meditation Moment, let's talk about what you can do to fight obscenity and child pornography.

First, you can keep your own mind free of illicit sexual fantasies. Jesus said that having lustful thoughts is just as bad as committing adultery.

Second, you can keep your life and home free of sexually-explicit materials-- including magazines, books, and videos.

Third, you can encourage your community's law enforcement agencies to prosecute pornographers to the fullest extent of the law.

And fourth, you can remind everyone you meet that obscenity and child pornography are not protected by the first amendment right of free speech. The pornographers fought and lost that battle in 1973 with the U.S. Supreme Court decision of Miller vs. California.

And that's a fact! --as Mr. Wendy Bagwell says, "With my hand up!"

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14 Filled with the Holy Spirit

This is __________________ and during this Meditation Moment, let's talk about being filled with the Holy Spirit.

Regardless of your theology, it is God's plan that you be filled with the Holy Spirit. If your church's theology is of the Wesleyan variety, you may understand the filling by the Holy Spirit to be in connected with being sanctified in a second, definite instantaneous work of grace.

If you are of the Pentecostal persuasion, you will hear about being baptized in the Spirit, perhaps in association with speaking in unlearned languages.

And, if your church follows the teachings of John Calvin, you may see the filling by the Holy Spirit as happening when you first accept Jesus Christ as a personal Savior and are born again.

The key issue here is not theology but the reality of being filled with the Holy Spirit. You have no chance of resisting the temptations of Satan and his demons if you are not filled with the Holy Spirit.

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15 First Nine Months

This is _______________ and during the Meditation Moment, let's talk about the first nine months of a baby's life. This information comes from the 12-page pamphlet titled The First Nine Months. If you'd like a copy, write to: Focus on the Family, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80995.

The growth pattern described in this brochure is recognized medical information and is fully documented by scientific research. The photos in the brochure are from the book A Child Is Born published by the Dell Publishing Company.

Day 20: Foundations of the brain, spinal cord and nervous system are already established.

Day 21: The heart begins to beat.

Day 28: The backbone and muscles are forming. Arms, legs, eyes and ears have begun to show.

Day 30: The heart is pumping increasing quantities of blood through the circulatory system.

Day 35: Five fingers can be discerned in the hand. The eyes darken as pigment is produced.

Day 40: Brain waves can be detected and recorded.

Day 42: The liver is now taking over the production of blood cells and the brain begins to control movement of muscles and organs.

Week 7: The embryo begins to move spontaneously. The jaw forms, including teeth buds in the gums.

Week 8: At a little more than an inch long, the developing life is now called a fetus-- Latin for young one or offspring. Everything is now present that will be found in a fully developed adult. The stomach produces digestive juices and the kidneys have begun to function. The fetus' body responds to touch, although the mother will not be able to feel movement until the fourth or fifth month.

Week 9: The fetus can squint, swallow, and wrinkle its forehead.

Week 11: The fetus is about two inches long. Urination occurs.

Week 12: The fetus now sleeps, awakens and exercises its muscles energetically-- turning its head, curling its toes, and opening and closing its mouth. The palm, when stroked, will make a tight fist.

Week 13: By now, you can tell if it's a boy or a girl.

Month 5: The ears are functioning and there is evidence that the fetus hears quite a bit-- such as the mother's voice and heartbeat, as well as external noises.

Month 6: If the baby were born in this month and given the proper care, he or she would survive.

This information has been provided as a public service, in support of the scientific fact that life begins at the point of conception.

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16 Growing in Grace

This is _______________________ and during this Meditation Moment, let's talk about growing in grace.

In Second Peter 3:18 we read, "Grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ." When you first accept Jesus as your personal Savior, you are a baby Christian. But day by day, as you feed on the milk of the Word, you grow stronger and stronger. And as you grow stronger, you become less susceptible to the temptations of Satan and his demons. If you do fail, of course God will forgive you and restore you. But as you grow in grace, the failures will become fewer as you become more skilled in using the full armor of God to defend yourself against the wiles of the enemy.

Although it may be possible to sin every day in word, thought, and deed, this will not lead to strong Christian maturity. In fact, this kind of living may leave you spiritually retarded for the rest of your life.

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17 Headed in the Right Direction

This is ____________________ and during this Meditation Moment, let's talk about making sure you're headed in the right direction.

When you get on the Pa. Turnpike here at the Gettysburg exchange, you must decide: do I head East toward Philadelphia or West toward Pittsburgh? There are signs which clearly mark the two choices but it's up to you to decide. Of course, if you want to travel to Pittsburgh, it would be utterly foolish to follow the signs to Philadelphia. Sure, you can be perfectly sincere in your belief that you're headed to Pittsburgh. In fact, all your friends can be headed East while thinking they're on their way to Pittsburgh, too. But you're never going to get to Pittsburgh by heading East until you turn around at a legal exit and go the other way.

Going to heaven is like that. Jesus said, "I am the way to get to Heaven." In Acts we read that Jesus is the only name by which we must be saved. Bible-believing Christians don't decide who goes to Heaven and who goes to Hell. God does. But no thinking person can believe you will ever get to Heaven when you're headed in the opposite direction.

[Author's note: You will want to substitute a local Interstate highway and related destination points.]

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18 How Our Universe Came into Existence

This is _________________________ and during this Meditation Moment, let's talk about how our universe came into existence, and I want to do this by sharing a simple parable.

Once upon a time there was a painting with many beautiful colors. People came from miles around to admire it's beauty. But after a while, the colors on this painting began to wonder how they came to be a painting. The best scientists among the colors carefully analyzed the surface of the painting and found it was covered with tiny ridges and marks. The colors then came to a brilliant conclusion. They declared that their beautiful work of art had been created by-- a brush! I know, that sounds silly-- but we must sound just as silly to God. Of course the painting in my parable was created by a brush. But who wielded the brush, who selected and mixed the colors, who used various brush shapes and strokes to get the desired effects? A brush? Of course not. It was a master painter.

If you want to discover our Master Painter, you have to do so on your knees with an open Bible in your hands.

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19 Innocence of Jesus Christ

This is ___________________________ and during this Meditation Moment, let's talk how the innocence of Jesus Christ at His trial.

We hear a lot about how the trial of Jesus before Pilate was a farce. Of course it was a farce. The primary purpose for Jesus coming to earth in the first place was so He could die as the supreme sin sacrifice for the whole world. If Pilate had freed Jesus and crucified Barabbas, Jesus would have had to die in some other way for the sins of the human race.

In fact, part of God's plan of salvation was for Jesus to be executed by the Romans because their death on the cross caused the shedding of blood. If the Jews had executed Jesus, they would have stoned Him to death. Concussions to the head could have killed Him without the shedding of any blood.

We should thank Jesus daily for allowing Himself to be subjected to the Roman cross so we may have eternal life.

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20 Lamb of God

This is _______________ and during this Meditation Moment, let's talk about the worthiness of the Lamb of God.

The fifth chapter of Revelation is my favorite chapter in the entire Bible. The scene is the throne room of Heaven and God is on the throne. But when it comes time to open the scroll which contains the names of all those who have been saved from their sins down through the centuries, no one can be found who is worthy. Suddenly a shout goes up. The Lamb of God! He is worthy! He is worthy because He died on the cross as the supreme, absolute once-and-for-all sacrifice for sin.

Everyone in the Old Testament era who had faith to believe that the shed blood of animals could forgive sins had that faith rewarded when the true Lamb was sacrificed. And everyone since that time who has believed on the Lord Jesus Christ as a personal Savior has been covered by the Lamb's flowing blood, also.

Behold the Lamb of God who died for the sins of the world. He indeed is worthy.

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21 Life Saving Facts about Sex

This is ________________ and during this Meditation Moment, let's share some facts about sex which may save your life as well as your soul.

FACT: The Centers for Disease Control estimate that there are now more than 1 million cases of HIV infection nationwide.

FACT: The failure rate for even the best condoms when used according to the manufacturer's recommendations is between 10 and 20 percent.

FACT: You can be infected with the HIV virus for months without showing a single symptom which can be traced to AIDS.

FACT: Sexually-transmitted diseases [STDs] infect over 3 million teenagers annually.

FACT: In a broadcast commercial announcement by a nationally-known condom manufacturer, the phrase SAFE SEX was never used. That company knew, and you should know, that the only truly safe sex is sex between a husband and wife who are both free of the HIV virus, as well as other STDs.

FACT: One in 100 students visiting the University of Texas health center carry the HIV virus.

FACT: A woman can get AIDS during pre-marital sex, fall in love with and marry a different man, pass AIDS on to her husband, have a child who is born with AIDS, and watch the child die while slowing dying of AIDS herself.

FACT: Sixty-three percent of STD cases occur among persons less than 25 years of age.

FACT: You can get AIDS during chaste sex on your honeymoon because your new spouse contracted the disease during illicit sex before you even knew each other. -- If you are engaged to be married and have set the date, talk to your doctor about an AIDS blood test for both of you.

FACT: A husband can catch AIDS during a single adulterous incident, repent and be forgiven for his sin, pass AIDS on to his wife, father a child who is born with AIDS, and then watch both wife and child die-- all because of a few moments of sin.

FACT: There is no cure for AIDS and it is always fatal. Some medical experts are saying that we'll never find a cure for AIDS until we learn how to change a person's eye color, and I don't mean with colored contacts, either.

FACT: God will forgive your sexual sin, but this does not guarantee that He will protect you, your future spouse, and your future children from dying with AIDS. The Bible says that sin leads to spiritual death. But not until the AIDS epidemic have me seen such a swift and direct link between sin and physical death.

FACT: Children born to women with AIDS can enter life with this fatal disease. We've known for years how using drugs, alcohol, and tobacco can harm the unborn child. Now we know that AIDS can cause the ultimate harm to the baby. It can cause death.

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22 Masterpiece which is the Unborn Child

This is _______________ and during this Meditation Moment, let's talk about the masterpiece which is the unborn child growing in the womb of an expectant mother.

There is a song which every expectant mother needs to hear and it's called "Masterpiece". This song highlights the fact that a growing child is a miracle of God's creative power from the instant of conception onward.

If you're pregnant with an unwanted child and considering an abortion, you should remember that every creation of God is a masterpiece. As "Rerun" says-- "God don't make no junk!"

No other force or source of knowledge in the entire universe can make something quite so wonderful as human life, and it's precious.

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23 Normal and Average

This is _______________ and during this Meditation Moment, let's talk about the difference being normal and being average.

Being normal is living according to the teachings of the Bible. And being average is doing what most of the people are doing most of the time. God is our manufacturer and this fact gives him the authority to spell out the normal operating parameters for his product-- which is our body. We call this operating manual the Bible.

When we as a society continue to function in violation of our operator's manual, breakdown can't be far ahead. Don't let what you see, hear, and read normalize sin in your mind. Living according to the teachings of the Bible is the normal, natural, logical way to live. Going against the Bible is abnormal -- no matter how many other people do it however much of the time.

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24 Omniscience of God

This is _______________ and during this Meditation Moment, let's talk about the omniscience of God.

Back in the 70s, Ralph Carmichael wrote the song "You Cannot Hide From God". There's a lot of truth in that song. Jesus said, "Men love darkness because their deeds are evil." But God can see through darkness, through walls, across distances, God will find you anywhere.

And there's both a negative and a positive connotation to that fact. Not only can God find you anywhere to punish you at the Judgment, but He can also find you anywhere to reward you for all you have done in His name -- no matter how obscure your labors may have been.

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25 Operating Manual

This is _____________ and during this Meditation Moment, let's talk about using your operating manual.

Whenever you buy a new car you should read the operating manual provided by the manufacturer. For example, your car's manufacturer will tell you how often to change the oil and what grade of oil to use. Of course you can ignore the manufacturer's operating manual and drive the car any way you please.

In fact, everyone you know can do the same thing. You can keep the same oil in the crankcase and never add any. Just remember one thing: never adding or changing oil will cause the engine to break down-- sooner or later.

Your body, soul, and spirit are far more complicated than the most sophisticated luxury car, even with computerized digital dash and ignition modules. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that your manufacturer-- God-- would provide an operating manual. We call this manual the Bible. Sure, you can ignore the Bible and live any way you please. But, just like your car-- you're headed for an eternal breakdown if you do.

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26 Personal Savior

This is _______________ and during this Meditation Moment, let's talk about the personal Savior.

There are 3 levels on which you can relate with Jesus Christ. The lowest level is historical. Every thinking person accepts the fact that Jesus did exist at some point back in history.

The next higher level is the religious level. Here you go to church and celebrate Christmas and Easter, but not much else. I've visited the White House several times but I've never met a president. In fact, it's possible for me to visit the White House every Sunday of my life and never get to know a president personally.

The highest plane on which you can relate with Jesus is on the personal level. Instead of just walking through the White House with the rest of the tourists, you get to know George and Barbara as people and not just celebrities.

When you know Jesus on the personal level, going to church is no longer the boring, sleep-inducing ordeal it used to be. You are going to visit a personal friend.

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27 Plan of Salvation

This is _______________ and during this Meditation Moment, let's talk God's plan for our salvation which brought Jesus Christ to Earth as our Supreme Sin sacrifice.

In the beginning, God made us for the primary purposes of fellowship and worship-- as seen in Gen. 1:27. In fact, this relationship we can have with God is unique in all the universe. The animals can't fellowship with God because they lack the intelligence. The angels have the intelligence to fellowship with God but they lack the free moral agency to do anything but. Only humans have both the intelligence and the free will to fellowship with God and worship Him even though we could chose to do otherwise.

In the beginning, God created us for the purpose of fellowship and worship. However, this close relationship between God and humans was broken through sin when Adam and Eve disobeyed God in the Garden of Eden, as recorded in Gen. 3:6.

God had said that everything in the garden was theirs to enjoy except the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Satan sold Eve a bill of goods and convinced her that God hadn't meant what He said when death was the stated penalty for disobedience. Eve ate the forbidden fruit and shared it with her husband, Adam.

The rest is history.

The penalty for sin was and always has been spiritual death -- separation from God, and this was spelled out in Gen. 2:16. Adam and Eve were living in paradise and in close fellowship with God before the original sin. We read that they walked and talked with God in the cool of the day. And -- if they hadn't sinned, they would have lived forever in fellowship with God.

The death penalty for sin was two-fold. First, it meant that they were no longer immortal and would eventually die a physical death. And more important, it meant that they lost their place of fellowship with God, for which they were created in the first place.

After we sinned, God had mercy and gave us a plan of salvation so we can escape the death penalty for our sins. God accepted sacrificial animal death, but not human death. When the priest put his hand on the head of the lamb before it was killed, the guilt of the human passed into the animal. When the lamb died, the death penalty for sin was satisfied as described in Lev. 1:4 and Hebrews 9:22. Heathen worship often uses human sacrifice as a means of satisfying the imagined demands of idolatrous gods. But the one true God has never demanded human sacrifice. When Abraham was told to take his son, Isaac, up the mountain to the altar of sacrifice, God stopped the knife in the down-stroke and pointed out the ram caught in the bushes. The animal died, but not Isaac, as shown in Gen. 22:13.

For hundreds of years, all during the Old Testament era, humans scarified animals on the altar of God. The animals died so humans wouldn't have to die for their sins. Then Jesus was born in a barn. Where else should a Lamb be born but in a barn? -- as told in the familiar Christmas story recorded in Luke 2.

The angels sang about peace on earth. This meant now that the Lamb was born, humans could be at peace with God, just as we were created to be in the first place. By the way -- when men and women are at peace with God, they have no trouble being at peace with each other.

One day when Jesus was about thirty years old, John the Baptist saw the Master walking along the Jordan River. He said, "Look, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world," as recorded in John 1:29." John probably didn't understand that he was predicting the sacrificial death of Jesus on the cross. In fact, the Apostles didn't understand the sacrificial death of Jesus and what it meant until after the resurrection.

Remember how Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead? Jesus deliberately waited until his friend was in the grave at least three days. People even warned Jesus that putrefaction had already set in. Jesus timed this miracle very precisely, proving that if He had the power to bring a man back to life who was already starting to decompose, He surely could do it for Himself, when the time came.

The night before Jesus died, he agonized in the garden of Gethsemane, sweating blood as He prayed to His Father for strength. Not strength to take a Roman beating. Not strength to accept the Roman nails. Not strength to endure the pain and shame of a Roman crucifixion. Many humans before and after Jesus have faced greater physical agony than Jesus did when He died.

The real pain of the cross came from the guilt of the whole human race. The guilt of everyone in the Old Testament who had depended on the blood of sacrificial animals to save them from their sin was focused on Jesus as He died on the cross. And all of us since the time of Jesus who have accepted Him as the Supreme Lamb of God have projected our guilt back to that same lonely figure on that same Roman cross. Your guilt and mine contributed to the spiritual agony Jesus endured as He died as the Lamb of God.

In Heaven, Jesus is called Lamb with a capital "L". This is the highest title Jesus is given in the entire Bible. This is His official name in Heaven. The book of Revelation clearly shows the significance of this title in such verses as Chapter 5, verse 9. It's more than just an accident that the author of the Gospel of John, where John the Baptist is quoted as calling Jesus the "Lamb of God" and the author of the book of Revelation are one and the same-- John, the Revelator.

This is really what we celebrate at Easter: the death of our Lamb of God and the eternity of His resurrection.

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28 Raising Your Hand during Worship

This is ____________________________ and during this Meditation Moment, let's talk about the significance of raising your hand during worship.

Perhaps you've been in a church service where people raised their hands during worship, and you may have questions in your mind about this practice.

Raising your hand during worship can mean the same things as it does during everyday life. First, it can mean "surrender" as in "come out with your hands up". Or, raising your hand can be a form of salute, as you would salute a military officer or an emperor. Or, raising your hand can be a form of voting in the affirmative.

So, raising your hand in church can be a sign you have surrendered your life to Christ. Or, it can be a sign you salute Jesus as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Or, it can be a sign you are voting for the teachings of Jesus Christ as recorded in Scripture. Or, it can mean all three.

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29 Rapture

This is _______________ and during this Meditation Moment, let's talk about the rapture.

Many of you can recognize the sound of my voice but relatively few of you would recognize me by sight if we met on the street somewhere. That's the way it is with radio broadcasting -- one-way communication in a rather sterile environment.

But -- if YOU know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, and -- since I have accepted Jesus as my Savior -- we're going to meet in the rapture some day.

And when we do -- we won't even need those "Hello, my name is" stick-on name tags to know who each other is!

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30 Reasonable Nature of Your Salvation

This is _______________ and during this Meditation Moment, let's talk about the reasonable nature of your salvation.

In the book of Isaiah, the prophet shares the word of God this way: "Come let us reason, together. Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as wool!"

Satan wants you to think about your past but God wants you to think about your future. And that future can be eternity in Heaven with God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Angels.

It would be unreasonable of us to assume that God would offer that benefit without a condition. That condition is simple: accept the blood of Jesus Christ who died on the cross as your sin sacrifice and you will be saved. Saved from what, you ask? Saved from eternal death in Hell, that's what.

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31 Satan's Future

This is _______________ and during this Meditation Moment, let's talk about Satan's future.

In Carman's production number "Revival in the Land", the focus is on a conversation in Hell between Satan and one of his demon lieutenants. They're trying to decide on how to stop the Christians from praying for revival. Satan suggests, "Remind them of their sinful past." But the demon lieutenant warns, "Don't do that or they'll remind you of your future!"

So-- the next time Satan gets you to thinking about your past sinful life which is now under the blood of Jesus Christ, just remind him of his future-- which is eternity in the Lake of Fire.

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32 Sinning against Your Will

This is _______________ and during this Meditation Moment, let's talk about sinning against your will.

Some evangelical Christians will tell you that using beverage alcohol and tobacco products is sinful because of damage done to the body. They say that the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and this fact makes using these substances sinful.

But think about this: using any substance (legal or illegal) which cancels out the power of your will to make appropriate decisions about how your body should function is the real sin. All thinking people want to stop drinking, smoking, and using drugs. However, the chemical addiction brought on by these substances makes it difficult if not impossible to stand by our good intentions to stop these harmful habits.

The good news is: the power of the Holy Spirit can overcome the chemical addictions in your body and free your will to again function in your body's best interests-- just as God intended that it should.

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33 Smoking

This is _____________________ and during this Meditation Moment, let's talk about smoking.

Since January 1, 1964, the U.S. Surgeon-General has been telling us that smoking is harmful. An estimated 400,000 people die each year from tobacco-related illnesses-- and that doesn't count the innocent victims of second-hand smoke. No wonder we used to call cigarettes "coffin nails".

If you are enslaved by an addiction to nicotine, here's the good news. The blood of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit can free you from your addiction and heal you of your need to smoke. Not only will you live longer, everyone around will live happier, too.

Gum and patches may work for some folks. But why don't you turn your smoking problem over to Jesus and let Him back up your will power with His Holy Power.

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34 Social Drinking

This is _____________________ and during this Meditation Moment, let's talk about the dangers of social drinking. Come to think of it, there is no such thing as "social drinking." All drinking is antisocial.

Consider these facts: the chemical properties of the alcohol in the finest table wine is identical to the alcohol in rot gut whiskey. And alcohol in all types of beverages has the same characteristics:

1. It can cause a powerful chemical addition.

2. It can make you a worse driver.

3. It can make you less productive and creative on the job, and

4. It can shorten your life.

How can we call drinking something like this "social drinking?"

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35 Spiritual Warfare

This is _______________ and during this Meditation Moment, let's talk about spiritual warfare.

Some people want to take all references to warfare out of our hymnals. These people not only have trouble understanding the Bible, they have difficulty with the words in the hymnal as well.

You see, all references to warfare in hymns speak about the conflict between God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Angels on one side-- and on the other side are Satan and his demons. That's who is fighting whom.

For example, think about the song "Keep on the Firing Line." Let me give you a couple lines from the song: "If you're in the battle for the Lord and right, keep on the firing line." And -- "So you must fight against all evil..."

Wake up, folks. This is an analogy, here. We're not talking about material and physical fighting, we're talking about spiritual fighting against Satan and his demons.

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36 Suffering of Jesus Christ

This is _________________ and during this Meditation Moment, let's talk how the true suffering of Jesus Christ

Most Good Friday sermons I've heard place a major emphasis on the suffering of Jesus Christ on the cross. And it's true that He did suffer horribly. Although He was the Son of God, He was the Son of Man, also. This means that the whip, the thorns, and the nails were as painful for Him as they would be for you and me under the same circumstances. His central nervous system was identical to ours and His nerve endings worked just like ours work.

Doctor Luke tells us that while Jesus was praying in the Garden of Gethsemane the night before He died, He sweat blood in anticipation of the agony He faced the next morning. But it wasn't the physical pain He was thinking about. Not the whip, not the thorns, not even the nails without benefit of anesthesia. After all, many martyrs since the crucifixion have suffered far more horrible physical deaths than what Jesus experienced on the cross.

The see, the true agony of the cross was spiritual, not physical. At the point of His death, He accepted on His head the accumulated guilt of the entire human race, from the creation to the rapture. The guilt for your sins and mine is what really caused Jesus to sweat blood while he prayed "not my will but thine be done" in the Garden of Gethsemane the night before He died.

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37 Traditional Family Values

This is _______________ and during this Meditation Moment, let's talk about traditional family values. You've heard this phrase many times and you'll hear it a lot more. But what does it really mean? Well, let's break it down, word by word.

The word traditional relates to something which is handed down, generation to generation. It is a philosophy of life which does not change as the customs of society in general may change.

The word family relates to a group of people who are bound together, usually by blood or marriage. A family is more than just a bunch of people living in the same house.

And the word values means the things which are important in the lives of the people involved.

Here's traditional family value number 1: Our nation has looked to God as a foundation stone for all we are and hope to be. The Mayflower compact, the Declaration of Independence, the Preamble to the Constitution, the imprint on our money which is in God we trust, and our pledge to the flag which includes the phrase-- one nation under God-- all of these aspects of our history and present life declare that we are a God-fearing nation. Therefore, it makes historical and spiritual sense that the primary family value is a belief in an almighty God.

Here's traditional family value number 2: God has ordained that marriage is the primary building block of our society. It takes about 18 years to raise a human being to the point of self sufficiency. Therefore, the stability of a marriage is required to provide the moral and cultural training the fledgling human being needs-- to be productive and independent. And by marriage, I mean a man and a woman who are legally married. Although it is biologically possible for a child to be conceived outside marriage, that is not God's primary plan for our society, as spelled out in the Bible. The more often a legal marriage is not the nurturing place for a new baby, the more unstable our society becomes at its core.

Fidelity is traditional family value number 3: Fidelity means that married persons are faithful to each other in their marriage relationship. Adultery is strictly forbidden in the Bible and is one of the ten commandments. The human being is the highest form of life, next to the angels, and God holds us accountable for a higher standard of behavior in comparison to the animals.

Work is the fourth traditional family value. Miles Standish is credited with the statement: if you don't work, you don't eat. That is probably historically correct. But the origin of that statement is the Holy Bible. God's plan for our lives is that we should contribute to the society in which we live. Hopefully, that contribution will produce a paycheck. But if you are on unemployment or welfare, and are able and available for work, there is something you can do to contribute to your society: you can volunteer your services.

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38 Virginity

This is _______________ and during this Meditation Moment, I want to talk to teenagers and parents about the reasons for sexual virginity.

Here are four important facts:

1. Virginity until marriage is God's plan. The Bible word for premarital sex is fornication and even a casual reader of the Bible knows that God clearly forbids fornication.

2. Your sex life after marriage will be more satisfying when you follow God's rules before marriage.

3. Sexually-transmitted diseases such as AIDS, genital herpes, and claymidia, will not be a threat to your life and health.

Most important of all, celibacy until marriage is God's plan for your life. Living according to your Operator's Manual is the natural, normal, logical way to live.

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39 Watching Television

This is _____________________ and during this Meditation Moment, let's talk about the dangers of watching television for adults. We've all heard that our children are watching too much TV. But we need to consider the kind of TV Christian adults are watching as well. When TV first became popular in the early fifties, many evangelicals were opposed to it on moral grounds. At that time, the picture was rather small, fuzzy, and black and white. Production techniques were rather primitive and much programming was done live. Most important, TV producers maintained some semblance of standards regarding decency and morality.

Now, think about what TV is like today in comparison to 40 years ago. The picture is large, crisp, and in full color. Production techniques are sharp and take full advantage of the inventions of the computer and videotape. And as far as moral standards are concerned, the cable company will pipe violence, sex, and profanity into your living room for pennies a day. Some major network shows do it for nothing.

Maybe we ought to go back to the good old days when Christians took a good look at what they were watching.

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40 What's Life All About

This is _____________________ and during this Meditation Moment, let's talk about life and what it's all about. In less than 100 years, most humans are born-- live-- die-- and are buried. In the totality of the universe, 100 years isn't very much time at all.

To understand what life is all about, consider that God created our first ancestors, Adam and Eve, for the purpose of fellowship and worship. He also gave us the power to chose right or wrong. When we reject God and chose wrong instead of right, we are going against our original purpose in life-- which is to love God and serve Him.

This going against God is what can give us a sense of total emptiness and meaninglessness.

To return to your real purpose in life, accept Jesus Christ, God's Son, as your personal Savior. Only then will you be able to truly understand what life is really all about.

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Christmas Meditation Moments

41 Born in a Barn

This is _______________ and during this Meditation Moment, let's talk about why Jesus had to be born in a barn.

Did you ever wonder why God couldn't have found a nicer place for Mary to give birth to Jesus that first Christmas eve? A barn is such a dirty, smelly place -- for any baby to born, let alone, the Prince of Peace.

But think about it. Why did Jesus come to Earth in the first place? He was born to be the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the World. What better place for a lamb to be born --than in a barn?

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42 Born to Die

This is _______________ and during this Meditation Moment, let's talk about why Jesus was born.

He wasn't born to heal all the world's diseases, although He certainly could do that. He wasn't born just to commit all the wonderful miracles which are recorded in scripture. He was born with one primary objective -- to die.

In God's plan for our salvation, established in the beginning of time, the only solution to the problem of sin would be sacrifice, the shedding of blood. And not human sacrifice, either. God sent His own Son to die for our sins so we won't have to die for our sins.

That's what all the hullabaloo at the end of December is really all about. God had just rolled out His plan of Salvation. He had just launched the ultimate solution to sin.

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43 Date of Christmas

This is ______________ and during this Meditation Moment, let's talk about the date Jesus was born.

In his book, A Chronology of the Bible, Frank Klassen says He thinks Jesus was born sometime around Passover -- in the Spring.

No matter though. What is really important is the specific time when you accepted Jesus as your personal sin sacrifice. Is there a definite time, and place, when you said, "Jesus, I accept you as my personal sin sacrifice, and my coming King? That date is far more important for you than the calendar date Jesus was born.

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44 ELS and Christmas

This is ______________ and during this Meditation Moment, let's talk about the name of Jesus throughout the Old Testament.

During past few years, a lot of folks have been talking about the miracle of Equidistant Letter Sequences -- ELS for short -- in the original Hebrew text of the Old Testament. When God dictated the Old Testament to Moses and the other writers, He did so in such a way that key words and messages are spelled out in the Hebrew letters. When God wanted to use the Hebrew name for Jesus, Yeshua, He did so spacing the letters the same distance apart. The first letter of Yeshua appears in Genesis one-one. The second letter appears 253 letters after that, the third letter 253 letters after that, and so on.

The Hebrew name for Jesus -- Yeshua --not only appears in Genesis one-one but is repeated throughout the entire Old Testament, through Malachi. In the sections we call the Messianic prophecies, we find the phrase, Yeshua is my Name. This is such a miracle that computer scientists and mathematicians agree that it could not have happened by chance. Even with today's most powerful computers, ELS would be impossible for mere humans to duplicate.

When the Angel told Mary "His name is called Jesus," he was only reporting what had already been decided when God wrote the first word of Genesis.

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45 How Many Wise Men

This is ______________ and during this Meditation Moment, let's talk about how many wise men visited Jesus bearing gifts.

To tell the truth, the Bible doesn't say how many wise men visited Jesus. Three gifts are named: gold, frankincense, and myrrh. And, all the pictures I've even seen show three men on camels. But the Bible doesn't say how many there were.

Maybe there's a reason why the number is unknown. There is no limit to the number of persons -- wise or otherwise -- who can worship the King of Kings at any one time.

So, forget about how many wise men there were. Just make sure you're one of them.

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46 Innkeeper

This is _______________ and during this Meditation Moment, let's talk about the Bethlehem innkeeper the night Jesus was born.

Although the innkeeper is talked about in songs and stories about the birth of Jesus, he isn't mentioned in the Bible at all. The Bible just says, "There was no room in the inn." Maybe that means, "There was no appropriate place in the inn."

Bethlehem was in the midst of a mandated Roman census the night Jesus was born. I'd like to think the innkeeper was a kindly man, who gave Mary the quiet privacy of the stable, rather than the public upstairs sleeping quarters above the bar. If Jesus had been born in such a place, Mary and Joseph would most likely have been separated during the birth.

However it happened, God had his hand on the entire operation and planned it all, right down to the fact that the first evangelists --who were humble shepherds --would have easy access to a nursery in a stable.

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47 Keep Christ In Christmas

This is ______________ and during this Meditation Moment, let's talk about the importance of keeping Christ in Christmas.

I'm going to be honest with you. I don't like to hear the term X-Mas at Christmas time. I know, I know --X is the Greek letter for the C-H sound. But when I think how God coded the name, Yeshua, in the original Hebrew from Genesis to Malachi while he was dictating the Old Testament, I can't believe He is pleased to hear X instead of Christ.

So, let's keep Christ in Christmas, and drop the X!

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48 Santa Claus and the Baby Jesus

This is ______________ and during this Meditation Moment, let's talk about making room for Santa Claus and the Baby Jesus at Christmas time.

My kids were raised in a Christian home and there were dedicated to the Lord. But they still wrote letters to Santa Claus, sat on his lap to have their pictures taken at the mall, and hung their stockings on the mantle Christmas Eve.

However, we never told them Santa really landed on the roof in a sleigh pulled by 8 reindeer, and brought presents down the chimney Christmas eve. For them, Santa was always make-believe, just like so many other things in a child's life.

But there is a supernatural story at Christmas time: When a baby was born in a Bethlehem stable. shepherds heard about it from a choir of angels, and wise men followed a miraculous star right up to His front door.

You see, parents, if you wait till your kids get older to tell them Santa is only make believe --what are you going to say about the other supernatural part of the Christmas story?

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