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Normal Is Better Than Average

by J. F. "Jeff" Cogan

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A Senior Pastor Writes -- The "normal is better than average" story was great. Thanks for the insight through your illustration.

Here's a jpg of a 51 Merc I downloaded in 2006. The one in this story looked a lot like this restored car.

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In 1951, I was teenager. My dad traded a hot 1949 Mercury V-8 with a standard transmission and overdrive for a new 1951 Mercury V-8, but with Merc-O-Matic automatic transmission. You could measure the new car's 0-60 performance with a sun dial instead of s stopwatch.

One day, I was taking some friends for a ride in Dad's new car and came to a traffic light. A 1950 Chevy pulled up beside me. I knew that Chevy with a straight stick could whip the Merc-O-Matic away from the light with no sweat. So, as the light started to turn green, I put my dad's Mercury into Neutral and raced the engine. When the light turned green, I floored the accelerator and pulled the shift lever down into Drive. Instead of beating the Chevy away from the light, that Merc never moved from its tracks.

When they towed the Merc to the garage, there was a small handful of broken metal parts on the pavement which I had as a souvenir of the occasion. The autopsy report from the Ford garage: broken universal joint, bent drive shaft, and a repair bill of one hundred-fifty1951 dollars.

That 1951 Mercury (or any other car, for that matter) was not designed to be shifted into Drive from Neutral at full throttle. Therefore, what I did was wrong. Not because Dad said it was wrong, but because the Ford Motor Company said it was wrong when they wrote the operator's manual. When I violated that operator's manual, there was a bill to pay.

God is our Manufacturer. The Holy Bible is His operating manual for how we run our lives. When we violate His operating manual, the Bible, there will be a bill to pay. And it may be a lot more than one hundred-fifty1951 dollars, too!

A certain practice isn't wrong because the Bible says it's wrong, the Bible says it's wrong because it is wrong. The Manufacturer always has the authority to specify the correct operating procedure for His product.

Normal behavior is the way we are designed to function according to our Manufacturer.

Average behavior is what most of the people are doing most of the time.

It's always better to be Normal than to be Average.

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