Reading DiskBooks Documents with Your Kindle That is Equipped with WiFi

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  1. Locate a  DiskBooks document on your hard drive.

  2. Download a document by clicking this link:

  3. Create an Email message to be sent to the following address:
    Use your Kindle Email name in the name field.

  4. Click on the attachment icon in your Email browser and navigate to the location of your DiskBooks document that you have downloaded onto your desktop.

  5. Attach document to your Email message.

  6. Type the word Convert in the subject field of your Email message.

  7. Kindle will Convert your PDF DiskBooks document to a format that can be read by your Kindle.

  8. The Converted DiskBooks document will appear in your Kindle’s home menu via WiFi, ready for you to read.

Editor's note: When I first used this convert feature, I was told to use the word "free" in the address field. However, when I tried to run a conversion project today, I was unable to send to

When I called Amazon Kindle support, they suggested deleting free from the address. I did and it worked! 6/6/2012 gel

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If you need technical assistance, you may reach Amazon Kindle Support at
866-321-8851 (US customers. Toll free) or +1-206-266-0927 (International Customers).


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