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This is for Real! No Fiction!!!
This Page Is Dedicated to
the One Hundred Young People Who Make Promises of Sexual Purity in a Covenant Ring Ceremony at
Christ Church in Nashville

The concept of Jessi Hogan and her Ivory Club is fictional, as portrayed in the full length novel, Parsonage.

However, here is a report of an actual Ivory Club-type happening.

Over 100 teenagers and young adults made covenants of sexual purity Friday evening, February 21, 1997, at Christ Church in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. These vows involved a promise to remain sexually celibate until marriage, and then faithful to their spouses. The evening included a candle-lit banquet for the participants and their parents (or parental stand-ins).

The program was called "A Promise with a Ring to It." Each covenant-maker was given a ring by the family as a symbol of the vows made that night. On the wedding day, that ring was to be given to the spouse as a representation that the covenant of maintaining sexual purity has been fulfilled.

The certificate of the Confirmation of Covenant reads as follows:

This is to confirm that on this date, covenant-maker's name entered into covenant in the presence of family, friends, and spiritual mentors, to follow the commandments of God to remain pure in body, mind, and spirit. A ring was presented as a token of this promise to be worn until marriage.

For more information about this program, contact:

Christ Church Youth Pastor
15354 Old Hickory Boulevard
Nashville, TN 37211 USA

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