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This Inventory CD features unique inspirational and educational titles available here and nowhere else in the world. Your CD will include the titles listed below:

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  1. Angels in the Bible A topical review of the appearance of holy angels in scripture.

  2. Bible Sex Facts [Parental discretion required] Frank information about sex according to the teachings of the Bible.

  3. Biblical Rules for Spanking Your Children For parents that are already convinced that moderate corporal discipline is the Biblical and logical thing to do.

  4. Church Workers Handbook Things you probably didn't learn in Bible school or seminary.

  5. 2008 Election Guide This website is dedicated to the memory of
    President Ronald W. Reagan 1911 - 2004.

  6. Defensive Winter Driving Tips Tips that have helped me over the past 50+ years and they may help you, too, during or after a snow or ice storm.

  7. Demon Possession Handbook For Human Service Workers.

  8. Dinosaurs and the Bible Old Earth and New Earth theories considered in the light of what the Bible says.

  9. E-mail Basics for Outlook Express users who send email, including digital photos.

  10. Equidistant Letter Sequences (ELS) Proof That God Is Real, the Bible Is Truth, and Jesus Is the Messiah

  11. First Steps for Baby Christians A guide to the growth and development of new Christians.

  12. Gone: A Novel about the Rapture

  13. Gospel Caravan: 24/7 Southern Gospel Music Music in the style of the Gaither Homecoming Choir.

  14. Help in Using PDF Files If you never heard of a PDF file before, this is for you!

  15. Holy Land PA -- A Proposal If you have millions USD to invest in a Bible-based venture, this is for you.

  16. Ivory Club: In Support of Teenage and Young Adult Celibacy and Virginity.

  17. Meditation Moments: As heard on Gospel Caravan.

  18. Message for Gays and Lesbians God loves you and we do, too!

  19. Normal Is Better Than Average I was 18 when a dropped transmission revealed this truth to me.

  20. Parsonage: A Novel about Life in the Parsonage.

  21. PennSTAR Master Curriculum Includes over 4800 instructional objectives and over 2700 activities. [$23.95 value] Valuable in creating lesson plans, IEPs, and curricula for teachers, parents, and homeschooling parents.

  22. Proof via Equidistant Letter Sequences (ELS)-- God Is Real, the Bible Is Truth, and Jesus Is the Messiah

  23. Remembering Sunbury Camp I met my wife at Sunbury Camp in 1952 so it will always be special to us!

  24. Sunday Seminars Ten Brief Bible Studies.

  25. Ted Bundy Interview with Dr. James Dobson The execution-eve interview conducted by Dr. James Dobson, president of Focus on the Family.

  26. The Wright Brothers Were Wrong! This site is dedicated to students and teachers everywhere who have learned [and are teaching] some slanted facts about the history of public, powered, and piloted heavier-than-air flight in America.

  27. Using the Windows and Macintosh Clipboard for Copying and Pasting: A Tutorial for beginners.

  28. You Can Be a Teacher, Too For people with teaching certification but with training and instruction responsibilities.

  29. Your Right to Know the Facts ...before Your Baby Is Aborted. Life! What a beautiful choice!

  30. Who Killed Jesus, and Why? Written when Mel Gibson released The Passion of the Christ.

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This product is an excellent tool for creating IEPs and curricula. It consists of the following components:

  • 16 Subject Areas
  • 105 Goal Areas under the Subject Areas
  • 4,830 Objectives under the Goal Areas
  • 2,719 Suggested Activities for achieving the objectives.