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Who Killed Jesus, and Why?

Book of Hope for the Children of the World
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What is the Book of Hope?

The Book of Hope was designed by educational specialists to clearly bring children to a decision for Jesus. It is made up entirely of Scriptures from the 4 gospels, which tell the life story of Jesus in chronological order. Research shows that in addition to the child who receives the book, 3-4 others also read it!

How Did it Start?

The Book of Hope (formerly the Book of Life) was created in 1986 when it was first delivered to El Salvador's 986,000 children!

How Can I help?

It takes about 33 cents to place a copy of the Book of Hope into the hands of a waiting child. This average covers the costs of printing, shipping and distribution.

You can make a donation on-line from the Book of Hope Home Page. Scroll to the upper right quarter of the screen and click the Donate Online button.

Remember! For every dollar you can give, you will tell three children of the world the story of Jesus and His Plan of Salvation in their own language!

All Funds donated go directly to OneHope

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