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Your Right to Know the Facts Before Your Baby Is Aborted
Fetal [Baby] Faces As Seen From Inside the Womb

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Have you seen Mel Gibson's movie, The Passion of the Christ?

Table of Contents

Introduction and the Word of God:

The right of informed consent

Fact 1: Your baby is a living human organism from the point of conception until death

Visit First Nine Months A fantastic website!

Fact 2: Even if you don't care to raise your baby, many parents are praying for a baby to adopt

"Roe" of Roe V. Wade Has Changed Her Mind

True Story of an Illegitimate Baby Born in 1939

Fact 3: If you do select abortion instead of life, you may grow to regret it

The State of Adoption in America

The ultimate life/choice bumper sticker

Introduction and the Word of God:

Abortion is the most controversial issue on the American scene in this century. Abortion carries overtones of politics, health, law, religion, and even economics. One group claims a baby has the right to life from the point of conception onward and that abortion is murder. The other group screams a woman will not be denied the right to choose what is done with her body. And on and on it goes.

Before saying any more, let's all come to a screeching halt and listen to what God has to say about when life begins, as He spoke through the Psalmist, King David.

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place. When I was woven together in the depths of the earth, your eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.

Psalms 139:13-15

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The right of informed consent

Right to life? Right to choose? The most important right of all parties involved in a pending abortion is the right of the parents and other involved family members to make this life or death decision with full informed consent. This website is dedicated to providing critical and truthful information so this decision can be made in the light of all the critical facts.

Fact 1: Your baby is a living human organism from the point of conception until death

The most important fact in the entire abortion debate is that a baby is alive from the point of conception onward. Modern medical science surrounding ultrasound and sonograms has made this issue a literal fact. King David had no knowledge of ultrasound and sonograms but God revealed to him the true facts in the matter. Today, no thinking persons, including theologians, politicians, and scientists, who are interested in truth on any issue, can ignore this fact. The primary difference between a fetus and a newborn baby is that an unborn fetus gets oxygen from the mother's circulatory system via the umbilical cord and a newborn baby gets it from environmental air.

Fetal Faces: 3D reconstruction done on a Combison 530 (Medison America).

What is prenatal ultrasound?
Prenatal ultrasound uses sound waves to create a picture of your fetus (baby) on a special TV screen. This picture is called a sonogram. It gives your clinician information about the structure, size and movement of your fetus as well as the number of fetuses and the location of the placenta. Certain pictures are printed onto film and checked by a specialist. It is recommended that all pregnant women be offered an ultrasound in their 18th week of pregnancy as a part of routine prenatal care.

Is prenatal ultrasound safe?
Prenatal ultrasound has been used for more than 25 years. There does not appear to be any danger for either the mother or fetus from ultrasound. No radiation is used.

Ultrasound Physical profile
PARAMETERS (30 minute observation period): reactive NST fetal breathing movement: breathing period at least 60 seconds fetal body movement > 3 discrete movements of limbs/trunk fetal tone: upper and lower limbs usually flexed with head on chest > 1 episode of extension with return to flexion amniotic fluid volume: largest pocket > 1 cm in vertical diameter without containing loops of cord score: 2 points if normal; 0 points for abnormal results: 8-10 = maximal score 0-4 = severe fetal compromise; delivery indicated 33% sensitivity; 17% positive predictive value
Yong H. Hahn, MD -- Copyright 2000, Medical College of Wisconsin

When does the fetus begin to move?
There is no doubt that the fetus can be seen moving during the eighth week menstrual age. Michael Applebaum, MD, JD, FCLM

This image shows a Day 48 +/- 4 day IUP. It is the "cigar-shaped" structure inside the black circle. The black circle represents the gestational sac. The embryo measures 9 mm in length. ... A heartbeat is detectable by 42 days gestational age (six weeks from your last normal menstrual period = LAMP or LMP). ... Copyright 1998-1999, Michael Applebaum, MD, JD, FCLM. All rights reserved. Suite 935 East, 845 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611- 2252, (312) 337-0732
Sonogram ~ 10 weeks, 6 days
Copyright 1996-2000 BabyZone, Inc. All rights reserved

Visit First Nine Months
This is a fascinating, multimedia website that puts to rest the myth that there is no life before birth. This is a very memory-intensive program that takes a fairly long time to load at 56K. If your computer equipment can't handle this website or you don't care to wait for the loading, the following outline will give you major highlights.

The growth pattern described here is recognized medical information and is fully documented by scientific research.

Day 20: Foundations of the brain, spinal cord and nervous system are already established.

Day 21: The heart begins to beat.

Day 28: The backbone and muscles are forming. Arms, legs, eyes and ears have begun to show.

Day 30: The heart is pumping increasing quantities of blood through the circulatory system.

Day 35: Five fingers can be discerned in the hand. The eyes darken as pigment is produced.

Day 40: Brain waves can be detected and recorded.

Day 42: The liver is now taking over the production of blood cells and the brain begins to control movement of muscles and organs.

Week 7: The embryo begins to move spontaneously. The jaw forms, including teeth buds in the gums.

Week 8: At a little more than an inch long, the developing life is now called a fetus-- Latin for young one or offspring. Everything is now present that will be found in a fully developed adult. The stomach produces digestive juices and the kidneys have begun to function. The fetus' body responds to touch, although the mother will not be able to feel movement until the fourth or fifth month.

Week 9: The fetus can squint, swallow, and wrinkle its forehead.

Week 11: The fetus is about two inches long. Urination occurs.

Week 12: The fetus now sleeps, awakens and exercises its muscles energetically-- turning its head, curling its toes, and opening and closing its mouth. The palm, when stroked, will make a tight fist.

Week 13: By now, you can tell if it's a boy or a girl.

Month 5: The ears are functioning and there is evidence that the fetus hears quite a bit-- such as the mother's voice and heartbeat, as well as external noises.

Month 6: If the baby were born in this month and given the proper care, he or she would survive.

This information has been provided as a public service, in support of the scientific fact that life begins at the point of conception.

Fact 2: Even if you don't care to raise your baby, many parents are praying for a baby to adopt

Parable: Someone gave our family a brand new luxury car with every accessory listed in the owner's manual. It was equipped with a V/8 engine and wasn't exactly an economy car. And, it was so long, we can't get the garage door down. Since it was such a gas guzzler and we had no place to store it, we decided our family couldn't afford this luxury car. Therefore, I parked it at the edge of a cliff, put it in neutral, and pushed it onto the rocks, 100 feet below.

Pretty stupid of me, right?

Why didn't I advertise it on eBay as free to the first licensed driver?

"Roe" of Roe V. Wade Has Changed Her Mind!

"Roe's" real name is Norma McCorvey. See how Vanity Fair tells the current news about Norma:

Reversing Roe: Norma Mccorvey Story [VHS]

True Story of an Illegitimate Baby Born in 1939
Written by Stephen R. Duggan, PE

After living in a series of foster homes, I was adopted at the age of four. I now am a Registered Professional Engineer in Minnesota, have a Masters Degree in electrical engineering, and have 17 patents.

One of those patents is for the first digitally-controlled adaptable cardiac pacemaker.

Each year on Memorial Day I visit the graves of both my birth mother and my adopted mother.

I am glad to be alive. I am married and have four wonderful children and two grandchildren.

Submitted to 3/29/2001

Author's Note: I wear an implanted cardio-defribrillator [ICD] made by Medtronics of Minnesota. Stephen Duggan's patent could be helping to keep me alive!

Let's say you have the right to choose. Let's even say you have the right to control your own body. But, Why kill your own flesh and blood?

If you're pregnant and don't want your baby, don't push it off a cliff! Click this link:

Of course, it takes more intestinal fortitude to adopt than to abort. When you abort, you just have to sign a form, make arrangements to pay the bill, and surrender yourself to the anesthetic.

When you surrender a child for adoption you have to be willing to do the following:

Listed below are a few examples of adoption web sites that may provide helpful information for you:

Adoption Network
Are you looking for a solution to your unplanned pregnancy? Or perhaps you're looking to adopt a newborn baby to help fulfill your dreams of parenting? Adoption Network Law Center can help.

Bethany Christian Services
Adoption information - for immediate, confidential counseling, call

The Family Network, Inc.
A member of the Joint Council on International Children's Services and the California Association of Adoption Agencies. For over 20 years, The Family Network, Inc. has placed hundreds of children with loving families.

Independent Adoption Center
Provides and coordinates all services necessary for completing an adoption. The IAC has finalized more than 2,000 adoptions during its 17-year history. Information, professional counseling and support groups available.

Fact 3: If you do select abortion instead of life, you may grow to regret it

Not all women who have abortions are affected in the same way. Some seem to have no regrets about choosing abortion and have no apparent signs of emotional or physical aftereffects. Other women may feel some remorse or regret which they try to shut down. After all, they chose that legal, safe procedure, so why should they feel so badly? Some clues that a woman might have some post-abortion remorse or regret are:

The ultimate life/choice bumper sticker

Before Conception -- Choice!
After Conception -- Life!

From THE PASTOR'S WEEKLY BRIEFING, Vol. 11, No. 36 -- September 5, 2003

"Adopted children are more likely to have parents who are older, married, wealthier and more educated than children raised by biological parents," according to a special report released last month [August, 2003] by the U.S. Census Bureau. The report, "Adopted Children and Stepchildren: 2000" (, was based on data from the long form of the 2000 Census, which, for the first time, asked households to identify children in the home as adopted, natural-born or stepchildren.

The study revealed that 2.1 million adopted children and 4.4 million stepchildren lived in US homes in 2000. Together, these children represented approximately eight percent of the 84 million children in US households in 2000. Of the adopted children living at home, 1.6 million were under 18.

Other highlights of the report:

It is significant that the Census is even asking about adoption. "Clearly, adoption is alive and well in America today," said Thomas Atwood, president of the National Council for Adoption. "No adopted child should feel alone."

As a nonprofit organization, Focus on the Family relies entirely upon donations to sustain its various ministries, including THE PASTOR'S WEEKLY BRIEFING.

If you would like to make a contribution, please call
1-800-A-FAMILY and mention the code below:


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