Obama: people all over the world can know you are a forger

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Let's begin this post with a few words that Jesus spoke, found in Luke 12:3.

What you have said in the dark will be heard in the daylight, and what you have whispered in the ear in the inner rooms will be proclaimed from the roofs.

Jesus was speaking of the hypocrisy of the Pharisees. You can surely make the application..

Above left: Paul Irey. Above right: IBM Executive electric typewriter; not found in hospital and state offices in 1961.

Move to Doug Vogt story

Jerome R. Corsi, PhD, wrote the source document for WorldNetDaily

The real news is not the fact that Obama is a forger. The real news is merely which of the various low-tech or high-tech tools did his henchmen use to do the dirty deed.

My theory that the original [2008] forgery was proven by the fact that child-specific facts were in a proportional font, when desktop publishing was not invented until decades after Obama was born. In 1961. No typewriter in the world could have typed in a proportional font with the possible exception of the IBM Executive.

The Executive typewriter was found only in the front offices of major corporation CEOs, or the White House. [Winston Churchill told FDR he didn't have to send out his correspondence to a printer; he had never seen the work of the IBM Executive before.]

When the forgery of the 2008 version of the COLB became so obvious to everyone, the forger-in-chief decided to do another long form version in a manner that would look more like it was typed in 1961 and not 2008.

Donald Trump probably forced the forgers' hand with his strident insistence that Obama show his long form COLB. Thanks to The Donald!

Of course, there is the layers theory via Adobe Illustrator. And then, the forger method of today is brought forward by Paul Irey, a retired pioneer in photo typography.

Today's second guest forgery hound, Doug Vogt, also believes the final document was a melding of more than one real birth certificates to yield the finished product.

Before launching into the technicalities of how the Obama forger was accomplished, let's think a little about the why of the forgery.

Webster says forgery is "the crime of falsely and fraudulently making or altering a document". In broad terms, we would surely say Obama altered a document. But why? Why would a man who aspired to be president of the United States need to hide something so desperately that he would stoop to a penny-ante Chicago-style stunt like changing his birth certificate?

He probably said to his henchmen, "It wasn't my fault that I was born in Coast Province General Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya, instead of one of the Honolulu hospitals." And I can just hear the head forger say in a line from The Ten Commandments spoken in Pharaoh's palace: "So Let it Be Written, So Let it be Done." Obama is probably glorying in the distraction Tony Weiner is providing with his adolescent sexting. I say, ignore Weiner; let the Dems throw the bum out.

The real case is the criminal in the Oval Office who is charged with forging his birth certificate so he can remain in his fraudulent position as an ineligible and alien president. No great loss! He is in the process of running our country straight off the cliff of bankruptcy and into the dustbin of historic oblivion.

Now, let's go back to Paul Irey's theory about how the forger did his dirty deed. If you want more information on the background of the Irey theory, you can go to the source at WorldNetDaily.

Irey began by taking a photocopy of the COLB that was passed out to the press corps [or corpx, as Obama would say] on April 27, 2011.

Then he indexed each typewritten character and placed them in a numbered chart.

Exhibit 2 shows the numbered characters. You may need a magnifying glass to see the numbers.

For example, the initials in Barry's name are numbers 1, 7, and 14.

In exhibit 3, we see all duplicate letters side by side for easy comparison.

Look at the 6 lower case a's: numbers 23, 56, 228, 125, 130, and 236.

No two of these A's are identical.

Print created by a typewriter can vary from one typewriter to another.

However, it is totally unlikely that the same typewriter in the same office would create the hodge podge of character variations we see in this chart.

Exhibit 4 shows more letter comparisons, side by side.

The chances of these differences from letter to letter typed on the same document and on the same typewriter are beyond human comprehension.

In exhibit 5, we see more of the same.

Irey believes the forgers used several real birth certificates and somebody or somebodies with desktop publishing and graphics software such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator put the whole thing together.

To tell the truth, the magnified work is so shoddy, they may have used a very sharp X-ACTO knife and a train load of patience, cutting out individual letters and pasting [electronically if not mechanically] them into a master document which was then photocopied with with an official background.

All the hours and hours of painstaking work and all they will have to show for it is a free ride from the White House to the Big House!


Here's a portion of Paul Irey's 1967 business brochure for "Bergen Graphics" in Fort Lee, NJ

Irey employed 60 specialists who worked three shifts He was a pioneer in photo typography, working with prestige clients that included Montgomery Ward and Acme Markets ads for the east coast.

In a related story, Doug Vogt is claiming in his 22-page criminal complaint filed with the FBI that Obama's birth certificate is a forgery. Some of his reasoning is similar to Irey's shown above.

However, Vogt stresses out-of-sequence numbering of birth certificates. Here's an interesting twist: we may not know when Obama was actually born.

The theory is that when the forgers started looking around for raw material for assembling the forgery, they needed to find a baby who was born and died around the time Obama was born. They found Virginia Sunahara who was born August 4, 1961, and died August 5, 1961, The forgers may have appropriated Virginia's birth date because she died the next day. In the unlikely event this whole sordid mess ever say the light of day, Virginia would be long gone and forgotten.

There seems to be a forgery ring at work on Barry's birth certificate: Hawaii Department of Health officials, White House operatives, and an unnamed computer graphics specialist or specialists.

Now, here's a brief summary of the out-of-sequence Birth Certificate numbering issue:

Chart 1:
Registration Date
Birth Cert. #
Barry Obama August 4, 1961 August 8, 1961
Twin 1 Nordyke August 5. 1961 August 11, 1961
Twin 2 Nordyke August 5, 1961 August 11, 1961

As we see in Chart 1, Barry is born first, the twins second and third. But when we sort this short list in numerical order by Birth Certificate Number, we get this in Chart 2.

Chart 2:
Registration Date
Birth Cert. #
Twin 1 Nordyke August 5. 1961 August 11, 1961
Twin 2 Nordyke August 5, 1961 August 11, 1961
Barry Obama August 4, 1961 August 8, 1961

Although Barry is born first and registered first, his Birth Certificate number is 3 higher than that of the twins.

The evidence in Charts 1 and 2 is enough to convince a jury of peers: this is forgery beyond a reasonable doubt!

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