Colton Burpo revisited: the boy who went to heaven and lived to tell us about it
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Colton Burpo, born May 19, 1999

Pastor Todd and Sonja Burpo,
with their children: Colton, Cassie, and Colby

700 Club: The Monday post was based on the 700 Club version of Colton's story.

Today Show: On Tuesday, I stumbled on the Matt Lauer/Today Show version of the story and so I added this to the post.

Now you have a choice of which version you prefer.

I first learned of Colton Burpo's story from a book titled Heaven is for Real by Pastor Todd Burpo, Colton's dad.

When Colton was almost four, he became very sick with days of vomiting. Eventually, he was diagnosed with a ruptured appendix and required emergency surgery to save his life.

While he was in surgery, his dad, was desperately praying for his little boy. His mother, Sonja, was calling folks at their church to get him on every prayer chain she could.

While all this was going on, Colton would later tell how he floated up and looked down on everyone, including his frantic parents. He saw all this from the vantage point of a seat in the lap of Jesus.

Angels had gone down to the operating room and carried his spirit up to Heaven.

While in Heaven, Colton met a second sister, who died in a miscarriage years in 1998, before Colton was born. This girl kept hugging Colton, which he didn't much care for at the time.

When the Burpos heard of the "second sister", they were greatly comforted. Up till then, they hadn't even known if the miscarried child was a boy or a girl.

By the way, this ends forever the question of when does life begin? The answer always shall be, at the point of conception.

During the next four years, the Burpos often asked Colton if any of the contemporary pictures of Jesus looked like the Jesus he saw in heaven. Colton always said "no".

Then, one day they showed him this picture.

Prince of Peace
by Akiane Kramarik

"What's wrong with this one?" Todd Burpo asked

After careful study, seven-year-old Colton replied,

"Dad, that one's right."

For me, this issue of the picture of Jesus proves the veracity of the whole Colton Burpo visit to heaven story.

You see, the picture of Jesus that Colton said was "right" was painted by a young girl who also visited Heaven. What she painted was the Jesus she remembered seeing in Heaven.

When Colton saw Akiane's rendering of Jesus, it corresponded with his memory of the Jesus he saw in Heaven and he was able to say with confidence:

"Dad, that one's right."

Be sure to visit Akiane's website. Scroll down, enter her gallery, and click the Play buttons until her video starts.

Akiane [Ah-kee-ah-nuh] has also been to heaven. That's how she painted a picture of Jesus that Colton recognized!

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