Obama's Gangster government is harassing workers with the help of NLRB thugs

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Washington journalist David Freddoso, who's making a name for himself as a paladin on the American right, is hot on the trail of the Obama gang again, with both guns blazing. The fearless author of The New York Times’ campaign bestseller, The Case Against Barack Obama, who warned us of the Chicago-style outlaw government we’d get if we elected him President, is back, this time with a detailed account of how Obama and his gang have abused their powers and now threaten our freedoms.

His new action-packed book, accurately and appropriately titled Gangster Government: Barack Obama and the New Washington Thugocracy (Regnery Publishing) is crammed with criminal indictments against Obama’s hired guns and their dirty deeds. It’s must reading for anyone who is, or will be, working in this two-year election cycle to oust him and his Most Wanted desperados from Washington.

Perhaps you are asking, "What is the connection between the White House and union thugs?"

From Day One, Obama has been hand-in-glove with big labor. Obama makes it easy for union organizers to rope in new workers, and the unions help Obama with his next election.

It's not very pretty but it's the truth.

Read Gangster Government: Barack Obama and the New Washington Thugocracy

"You guys slash my tires, stab me in the neck, try to beat me up," the construction company official explained to the union organizer.

Given all that, he asked, why should the company hire such aggressive union militants?

"The positives are that the negatives you are complaining about would go away," the union operative reportedly replied.

According to the Buffalo News, the "negatives" include hot coffee thrown at independent-minded workers, sand dumped into the engines of company vehicles, and the wife of a company representative threatened with sexual assault.

And the union toughs just might get away with it.

You see, ever since the Supreme Court's infamous 1973 Enmons decision, union bosses have been granted immunity from federal prosecution for acts of violence and vandalism they orchestrate in the so-called "pursuit of legitimate union objectives."

AFL-CIO union lawyer Jonathan D. Newman told the Buffalo News that "we simply want to make sure that the [federal law] is not interpreted in a way that could have a chilling effect on legitimate union activity."

The union violence in Buffalo is hardly an isolated incident.

As you may recall, the Associated Press reported that hundreds of Longshoreman union militants held security guards hostage for hours at the Port of Longview in Washington State on September 8.

Union thugs reportedly committed numerous acts of vandalism and violence including breaking windows, cutting brake lines on railroad cars, and threatening police officers with baseball bats.

Weeks later, local police have only made two arrests in connection with the September 8 raid.

And now Longshoremen union officials have launched a Wisconsin-style recall campaign against the county sheriff investigating the raid.

Union officials know that if they intimidate local authorities, they can get away with anything.

The loophole in federal law ensures that union officials who may have orchestrated and encouraged the union violence may never be brought to justice, especially where they can intimidate and use political connections to stop local or state prosecutions.

Your National Right to Work Committee has an aggressive plan of action to force the politicians in Washington, D.C. to stop turning a blind eye to union violence.

The National Right to Work Committee is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, single-purpose citizens' organization dedicated to combating compulsory unionism through an aggressive program designed to mobilize public opposition to compulsory unionism and, at the same time, enlist public support for Right to Work legislation.

The Committee's mailing address is:

8001 Braddock Road, Springfield, Virginia 22160.

The Committee can be contacted toll-free at 1-800-325-7892. Its web address is


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AntiObama Library of Must Reads

Drawbridge's Posts Concerning Obama's Alleged Criminal Activities

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