Obama: bogus SS# 042-68-4426 led to real estate fraud
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B. H. Obama: The only people who don't want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide.
August 21, 2010

Before starting this audio, get a pencil and pad and be prepared to take notes. Then, when it's over, go to Google Advanced Search and do your own sleuthing.

Rick Wiles of Trunews Radio interviews a debt collector and skip tracer [known only as Al] in a 40 minute interview.

Although this is strictly audio and no video, the contents are so riveting, you will be mesmerized.


Rick Wiles of Trunews Radio

The trail leads to real estate fraud, no less. When Rick Wiles hears the tale the debt collector and skip tracer has to tell, he calls Obama out:

"Barrack Hussein Obama is a Criminal, he is a pimp, he is a street hustler, a MacDaddy.

"This guy is a fraud, a criminal, he is fraudulently using the SS # 043-68-4425.

"He also uses the alias Harrison J. Bounel. Just how many aliases does this guy have? I would like the FBI to get off their butt and do what the taxpayers are paying them to do: investigate and arrest criminals who are breaking Federal laws.

"I'm fed up with the FBI's unwillingness to do it's job. ... Obama is a lying, conniving impostor who needs to be handcuffed and taken to a Federal detention center, and processed, and fingerprinted, and indicted by a Federal jury.

"I'm wondering how long the wimps in Washington are going to hide and refuse to deal with the criminal who is in the White House."

--Rick Wiles of Trunews Radio

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