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A survey of the plans to 'halt the bleeding' before it's too late!

Posted: Nov. 09, 2011 -- 8:21 pm EDT -- 2011 WND

WASHINGTON - With the economic crisis worsening and Barack Obama resorting to rule by executive order and the presidential election still a year away, Americans from both sides of the political aisle are wondering if there are ways to "stop the bleeding" before January 20, 2013, and a change of administration. "

  • Could Obama be removed for violations of the Constitution? "

  • Could he be removed for still-unresolved issues of constitutional eligibility? "

  • What about a Democratic Party challenge to his nomination? "

  • And is there even a way to ensure he doesn't win re-election through voter fraud or third-party gimmickry?

"Americans aren't just whispering about these ideas in darkened rooms," says Joseph Farah, columnist and editor of WND, America's independent news network. "They are actually writing thoughtful books, making documentaries and laying out prescriptions for a change in leadership. Some of these works have received 'mainstream' attention and some haven't. But all of them are worth the consideration of Americans faced with the gravest challenges to liberty and self-government in the last 230 years."

This special report, prepared by Jerome Corsi and Brad O'Leary, is the place to start. How Obama Can Be Defeated in 2012 should be required reading by the campaigns of every candidate seeking to unseat Obama. It's about real numbers crunching, based on insider polling and what it tells us about America's new demographic realities. There's good news here for anyone who wants to listen - and real practical advice. "The data's in. It just needs to be understood," says Farah.

So you think the birth certificate issue is dead? Think again. It's more than just a distraction in the 2012 presidential race, with new investigations showing the document Obama released is fraudulent and leading to the possibility he may not qualify on some state ballots. It's back in the news and there's only one book providing you with all the facts on eligibility. It's Jerome Corsi's bestselling Where's the Birth Certificate?

In Crimes Against Liberty, attorney David Limbaugh, Rush's younger brother, lays out an actual indictment of particulars against Obama - one that could be used in actual legal or political proceedings, such as an impeachment. Limbaugh charges that this presidency is ambitiously unraveling the Constitution, actively rooting out American traditions and values, and most of all, committing crimes against American liberty.

Here's another straightforward way of approaching the same issue - from WND Books: The Case for Impeachment. For anyone who has any doubts that there is such a case, this special report will put those doubts to rest. Order one for yourself and one for your member of Congress.

One of the best insights into the nature and character of Obama comes in Jack Cashill's Deconstructing Obama. If you think you know him, think again. This book really lays it out. In the world of Obama, nothing is as it seems.

Among the newest entries into the Obama library is The Secret Life of Barack Hussein Obama by Mondo Frazier. It validates all the fears about his illegitimacy and his deceit.

Do you want to know the full extent of Obama's socialist connections? Manchurian President by Aaron Klein provides the exhaustive and documented links. Now on sale at a greatly reduced price.

And don't forget the No. 1 bestseller that warned Americans of what was to come before Obama was elected - Jerome Corsi's The Obama Nation.

Read the book that started the myth. Obama may not have actually written it, as Cashill reveals, but it's still an important work to understanding the real Obama and the myth: "Dreams From My Father."

Editor's Note: Jack Cashill is an excellent writer and a literary sleuth as well. When he read both Dreams from My Father and Fugitive Days by Bomber Bill Ayers, he knew they were written by the same person. gel

Do you want a quick and dirty look at the Obama eligibility issue - and one that's entertaining and more than a little hilarious as well? Molotov Mitchell's his name, and you've got to see his brief documentary called I'm Not Crazy. The DVD is on sale to move at $9.99.

The Obama Eligibility Primer is another great tool for understanding the constitutional issue that could strip him of office overnight.

Some thought he should be the Republican presidential candidate in 2012. But Sean Hannity is content being a loud voice in the conservative alternative media with a popular TV show on Fox and the No. 2 talk-radio show in the country after Rush Limbaugh.

Hannity has laid out his prescription for change in Conservative Victory. He draws on the examples of Ronald Reagan and the GOP's Contract with America to show how conservatives can unite behind this country's most cherished principles and act now to get America back on the right track - while it still can.

In Caucus of Corruption, Matt Margolis and Mark Noonan expose the dark underbelly of the Democratic Party and its reliance on corruption. If conservatives and Republicans want to know what they're up against in 2012, this is the definitive resource on the dubious ethics and fraud upon which the Democrats use as the pathway to achieving their political goals.

Worried about ACORN and its role in the next election? You should be. But its tentacles have been thoroughly exposed in Matthew Vadum's Subversion Inc.

Right in line is Gangster Government by David Freddoso. You've got to know what you're up against - and this book pulls no punches.

Of course, you can't beat something with nothing. And author Tony Blankley lays out the essence for an alternative vision that can stand in stark contrast to Obama's - providing a clear alternative for Americans to embrace. That's what you'll find in American Grit.

What about Obama's greatest ally - the American news media? Who better than to expose its methodology and mischief than Bernard Goldberg, a long-time media insider? Any plan to change the nation's direction will have to account for the media's role - and that's what you'll get in A Slobbering Lover Affair.

A Question of Eligibility is the only video documentary primer on the question of Obama's constitutional legitimacy. Available exclusively from the WND Superstore, this video is more steeply discounted than ever before at just $9.99, while supplies last.

If you think Obama's weaknesses are relegated to the economy, you'd better think again, says author Marc Thiessen. There's the crisis of national security. In Courting Disaster, he makes the case that American policies are now inviting attack by U.S. enemies.

Maybe you know all you need to know about Obama and just want to shout it out to the whole world. Here's a way: This bumper sticker comes in regular adhesive style or magnetic. Take your pick. Either way you can make the announcement much of America wants to hear: Drop the Teleprompter and Step Away from the White House.

Here's something to show your neighbors or your tea party groups: I Want Your Money! This entertainment and enlightening DVD documentary will energize just about anyone about the problems we face and their solutions.

No He Can't is not just a slogan for 2012, it's also a manifesto by radio talker Kevin McCullough.

What about the younger generation that was convinced Obama represented the kind of change they were looking for? Jason Mattera can speak to that in Obama Zombies.

The Audacity of Deceit by Brad O'Leary is the answer to "The Audacity of Hope." No library on Obama is complete without it.

Whistleblower magazine offers what no other publication offers - timeless special reports on the big issues of the day. "The Fighting Back" collection from the Obama era offers a real blueprint for real change.

Here's another Whistleblower collection not to be missed - as relevant today as the day these issues were first offered: It's "The Obama Secret Bundle."

It's what Obama wanted to have - and he got his way.

Also, there's The Post-American Presidency by Pam Geller. This book shows just how high the stakes really are.

Rage? That word may not resonate with people when they think of Obama. But Dinesh D'Souza provides needed insight in The Roots of Obama's Rage.

"The case against Obama is strong - as this library of work suggests," says Farah. "Use these resources to arm yourself for the battle that is here - and the battle that lies ahead."

Perhaps you were asleep in 2008. Now you are fully informed and there is no excuse. Me must kick this importer out of the Oval Office. gel

Keep Obama Off 2012 Ballot
G. Edwin Lint, BS, ThB, MA, -- Editor
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AntiObama Library of Must Reads

Drawbridge's Posts Concerning Obama's Alleged Criminal Activities

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