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DiskBooks Electronic Publishing features unique inspirational and educational titles available here and nowhere else in the world. This electronic service carries DiskBooks in the following categories: Christian fiction, inspiration, and education. Most DiskBooks titles are available in PDF format and are available for free download by clicking the appropriate link below.

Most PDF titles may be converted for free viewing on your Kindle by following the step-by-step instructions.

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Help in Using PDF Files -- PDF download -- HTML NA

Angels and Dragons in the Bible-- PDF download -- HTML Preview

There are at least three categories of celestial beings in the Bible: Angel: Their job descriptions will be detailed below as Guardian, Messenger, Servant, and Terminator. Cherub: a type of spiritual being mentioned in the Bible. Example: Gen. 3:24. Seraph: is a type of celestial being in Judaism and Christianity. Example: Is. 6:1-3

Bible Sex Facts -- PDF download -- HTML Preview
Part One: For Children, Part Two: For Single Persons, Part Three: For Married Persons

Parental discretion required

Biblical Rules for Spanking-- PDF download -- HTML
First, let's look at what the Bible says about spanking in the book of Proverbs ...

Church Workers Handbook-- PDF download -- HTML
1. Speaking and Praying in Public, 2. You Can Be a Teacher, Too, 3. Outcome-Based Education (OBE), 4. Church Music, 5. Creating True Fellowship in Your Church, 6. Shopping For and Using a Microcomputer, 7. Using Audio-Visual Equipment, 8. Basics of Desktop Publishing, 9: Using Mikes and a Sound System, 10. Making a Broadcast-Quality Recording of Your Church Service, 11. Church Publicity and Public Awareness, 12. How to Publish on the Web, 13. Planning and Conducting a Public Meeting, 14. Guidelines for Children's Programs [such as Christmas time], 15. Broadcasting a Recording of Your Church Service on Internet Radio, 16. Supervision and Administration of Sunday School Programs, 17. E-mail Basics, 18. Understanding Church Ceremonies ...

Clipboard for Windows and Mac -- PDF download -- HTML
Using the Windows and Macintosh Clipboard: A Tutorial Copying, Cutting, and Pasting

Demon Possession Handbook -- PDF download -- HTML Preview

Part 1: Demon Possession Defined and Explained 1. Sources of supernatural power A. Holy power B. God, the Father C. God, the Son D. God, the Holy Spirit E. Holy angels 2. Demons in the Bible, Demons knew who Jesus was, Demons or illness? Demons and epilepsy, Demons and speech disability, Multiple demons possessed a single person, Physical disability caused by a demon, Summary of Luke's writings about demons in the Bible 3. Satan's limited power 4. Real evil -- Demons in Children's Literature -- Halloween, as a celebration of evil -- Hollywood and demons 5. The origin of Satan and his demons 6. Spiritual warfare 7. Symptoms of demon possession A. Violence B. Lust C. Greed D. An unnatural power of persuasion 8. Symptoms in children 9. Disabilities as symptoms 10. Demonic time-sharing 11. Demon possession and the occult 12. If demons are the problem, what is the solution? Part 2: Causes and Effects of Demon Possession, 1. Interest in the occult A. Books about the occult B. Horoscopes and astrology C. The "new age" D. Hypnotism E. Extra-sensory perception (ESP) F. Fortune telling, palm reading, and tarot cards G. Seances H. Ghosts and haunted houses I. Reincarnation 2. Demonic favors 3. Demonic games 4. Pornographic and obscene materials 5. Mind-altering drugs 6. Multiple-personalities, schizophrenia, and hearing voices 7. Demon possession and homosexuality 8. Homosexual clergypersons 9. Demons and criminal behavior (Portions of an execution-eve interview between Ted Bundy and Dr. James Dobson) 10. Sex crimes against children 11. Repressed childhood memories of sexual molestation 12. The Rise of Suicide among Teenagers 13. Godless Rock music 14. Spontaneous Human Combustion 15. As a Born-again Christian, am I safe from demon possession? 16 What about psychic hotlines? Part 3: The Solution to Demon Possession [Deliverance]

Parental discretion required

Dinosaurs and the Bible -- PDF download -- HTML Preview
Is the Earth Old or New? Long Creation Days and the Creation Gap Could Dinosaurs Have Been in the Ark? What Happened to Dinosaurs?

E-Mail Basics -- PDF download -- HTML Preview
Check your e-mail regularly, Activate the Spell Checker, Activate Rich Text Format [HTML], Use Your Address Book, Automatic additions to your address book, Adding addresses to your address book by typing, Creating Groups in your address book, Creating and Using a Signature, Editing your name display [Not your email address], Using the BCC [Blind Carbon Copies] Address Field to Keep you recipients' E-mail Addresses Confidential, Sending and Saving Attachments, Sending Digital Pictures [Using a digital camera], Including pictures with an e-mail message, Forward with care, Using Your Clipboard to Create a Hyperlink in an E-mail Message, Webmail VS. Outlook Express, How to Get OE From your ISP.

Facts You Need to Know before You Abort Your Baby -- PDF -- HTML
Abortion is the most controversial issue on the American scene in this century. Abortion carries overtones of politics, health, law, religion, and even economics. One group claims a baby has the right to life from the point of conception onward and that abortion is murder. The other group screams a woman will not be denied the right to choose what is done with her body. And on and on it goes.

First Steps for Baby Christians -- PDF Download -- HTML Preview
Chapter 1. Babies Are Vulnerable, Chapter 2. Babies Must Eat, Chapter 3. Babies Must Learn, Chapter 4. Babies Need The Church, Chapter 5. Babies Like To Have Fun, Chapter 6. Babies Need To Grow, Chapter 7. Babies Are In Danger, Chapter 8. Babies Need To Share, Chapter 9. Baby Talk: A Glossary.

Gone, a Novel about the Rapture -- PDF Download -- HTML Preview
This is a full length [27 Chapters] Christian novel about the rapture, when Jesus Christ will come back and instantly remove all persons who have accepted Him as a personal savior to be with Him forever in Heaven. Also taken in the rapture will be children below the age of acceptability, and persons with mental disabilities.

Holy Land of Pennsylvania -- PDF Download -- HTML Preview
Languages, Tabernacle in the Wilderness, Via Dolorosa and Calvary, Solomon's Temple, Sallman's Chapel, Bible Alive Theater, Noah's Ark, Christian Concerts, Upper Room Dinner Theater, Food Courts, Higher Education [Internships and Seminars], Day Care Center.

Ivory Club, in support of sexual purity in teens and young adults, from a Novel about Life in the Parsonage -- PDF Download -- HTML Preview
In Support of Teenage and Young Adult Celibacy and Virginity; Lucid, logical, and rational explanations of celibacy and virginity in the language of a high school girl.

Jesus Saves through God's Plan for Our Salvation PDF -- HTML
This page is for all thinking people, regardless of religion, race, nationality, or color. This includes all Christians, Jews, Muslims, Protestants, Catholics, Pentecostals, Calvinists, evangelicals, Wesleyans, agnostics, atheists, liberals, conservatives, Republicans, Democrats, ad infinitum.

Message for Gays and Lesbians -- PDF download -- HTML Preview
This page is designed to shed the light of God's love on the social, political, and religious controversies that swirl around the issue of homosexuality. However, real born-again Christians do not harass gay or lesbian persons mentally or physically. All persons connected with the real Christian right should abstain from such activity and should encourage all others to do so, also. True, the Bible clearly labels homosexuality as a sin. However, this fact must never be justification for mental and physical harassment of any degree.

Meditation Moments -- PDF Download -- HTML Preview
Meditation Moments were first written in the early 1970s while I was working as a part-time DJ. The General Manager, wanted some inspirational fill a couple times an hour during music blocks. I started writing Meditation Moments on the job, in my spare time. ...

Normal Is Better Than Average -- PDF download -- HTML Preview
In 1951, I was a teenager. My dad traded a hot 1949 Mercury V-8 with a standard transmission and overdrive for a new 1951 Mercury V-8, but with Merc-O-Matic automatic transmission. You could measure the new car's 0-60 performance with a sun dial instead of s stopwatch. ...

a Novel about Life in the Parsonage
PDF download -- HTML Preview
A full-length novel [22 Chapters] about life behind the scenes for an evangelical pastor's family: in the church, the parsonage, the community

Proof That God Is Real, the Bible Is
Truth, and Jesus Is the Messiah
-- PDF download -- HTML Preview
An Annotated Review of Four Books about Equidistant Letter Sequences (ELS) in the Hebrew Text of the Torah.

Remembering Sunbury Camp -- PDF download -- HTML Preview
The last Sunbury Camp service was held August 12, 2001, at 3:00 p.m. The tabernacle for the final service was well filled and featured projected pictures of bygone years and a powerful message by Evangelist Roger Parsons. The sermon was delivered in a cadence and style reminiscent of such men as the late Dr. R. G. Flexon, of Indianapolis, and Rev. P. O. Carpenter of Wilmore, KY. Both of these men stand out in my mind as the Billy Grahams of Sunbury Camp, back when I was a boy. ...

Sunday Seminars -- PDF download -- HTML Preview
A number of Biblical topics are valuable for Christian growth but may not justify emphasis for an extended period. Therefore, I've developed several such topics into what I call "Sunday Seminars". They run from one to three hours in length and are designed to stimulate group participation. The style is informal.

Ted Bundy Interview with Dr. James Dobson -- PDF download -- HTML Preview
One of the most infamous sex criminals of all time is Ted Bundy. According to his own words, Bundy believed his descent into the horrible pit of sexual assault and murder was fueled by an addiction to violent obscenity. What makes Bundy's case of immense interest to evangelical Christians is an execution-eve interview conducted by Dr. James Dobson, president of Focus on the Family. This interview took place Monday, January 23, 1989, 2:30 P.M. EST, at the State Penitentiary in Starke, Florida. Bundy called Dobson and offered the interview with the understanding that it would be used to warn the public of how his horrible downfall actually took place. ...

You Can Be a Teacher, Too -- PDF download -- HTML Preview
Attention: Corporate Trainers, Scout Leaders, Coaches, Parents, School Board Members, Sunday School Teachers, Supervisors, and Administrators, Home Schoolers, Anyone involved in teaching something to anybody [Including those who've never been to a college a day and those who went to college but never took an education course.] This is for you!

You Can Be a Teacher, Too Workshop PDF download HTML NA
Audio Recording for
Windows Media Player or equal

This link will download a page with links to all four mp3 files of the Workshop Recording; about 3 hours.

Who Killed Jesus and Why -- PDF download -- HTML Preview
Mel Gibsons's R-rated* 2004 movie, The Passion of the Christ, has caused renewed interest in this ancient question. No careful reader of the New Testament of the Holy Bible has any doubt of the answer to the who part of the question: The Romans ruled this part of the then-known world with an iron fist. They and only they had the authority to carry out a death penalty for any crime, great or small. The Jewish religious rulers were upset because Jesus claimed to be the King of the Jews and the Son of God. ...

Wright Brothers Were Wrong -- PDF download -- HTML Preview
This site is dedicated to students and teachers everywhere who have learned [and are teaching] some slanted facts about the history of public, powered, and piloted heavier-than-air flight in America. Introducing Glenn H. Curtiss: inventor, pioneer pilot, entrepreneur, aircraft manufacturer. The Wright brothers were right when they made persistent experiments until they got the Flyer into the air in December, 1903. This first "flight" lasted for 12 seconds and traveled a distance of 120 feet. However . . . the Wright brothers were wrong. . . When they tried to keep the invention of the airplane to themselves with a sweeping patent. They included the dangerous wing-warping lateral control technique in their patent [wing-warping caused the wings to twist in correlation to the plane turning] When they persisted in clinging to wing-warping even when the use of ailerons, as developed by Alexander G. Bell, Glenn Curtiss, and the Aerial Experiment Association [AEA] were proven to provide safer flight with superior lateral control When they sued Curtiss or anyone else who flew, exhibited, manufactured, or sold airplanes without their approval When they wasted the time and resources of Curtiss and other forward-thinking inventors with their pestiferous patent suits ...

Defensive Winter Driving Tips -- PDF download -- HTML Preview


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