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Would YOU like to be Queen for a Day?

That line opened the radio version of Queen for a Day from 1945 to 1957. A TV version ran from 1956 to 1964.

The other day, as I was musing about the terrible state of affairs in America, with the flood of red ink and joblessness creeping higher by the day, I began to fantasize about what I would be able to do if I could be made President for a Day.

For one 24-hour period, I would be able to do an amazing amount of good for the country by signing Executive Orders as fast as I could write.

Here are a few of those Executive Orders that would be near the top of my list.

  1. Appoint Governor Sarah Palin as Energy Czar. With her energy success in Alaska, she would soon win the country to her side. By the way, Bob Gates did a great job as a Republican Secretary of Defense in the Obama administration. Therefore, there's no reason why Sarah's party should be an impediment to her acting in the best interests of the nation.

  2. Depose any Energy Czar Obama might have put in place before my 24-hour term of office began.

  3. Permanently table Obamacare [Public Law 111-148 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act] that the Democrats rammed down our throats in 2010 and Obama signed with much hoopla and frivolous fanfare.

  4. Appoint a bipartisan health care task force comprised of physicians, hospital administrators, and health insurance executives to begin drafting practical legislation to aid only those who do not have, and would like to have, health coverage.

    Obama's primary objective was to drive America into the ground through a massive socialist sledge hammer.

  5. Appoint William Harrison "Bill" Frist, Sr., MD, former Republican senator from Tennessee, as chair of the health care task force.

  6. Create a Division of Medicare Fraud and Corruption within the Department of Justice with a full complement of lawyers and peripheral personnel, to be funded via the savings realized through fraud prevention.

  7. Establish a Medicare Fraud bounty consisting of 25% of the savings resulting in the conviction of any entity engaged in Medicare Fraud and Corruption. No person nor entity may earn more than a cumulative $1 million in bounty payments within a calendar year.

  8. Open all areas within the jurisdiction of the 50 states for seeking for oil and gas, by drilling or any other accepted means of profitable access.

  9. Remove all limitations on coal mining and use of clean coal for generating power.

  10. Cancel all Green projects and subsidies since carbon dioxide is a natural part of the cycle of plant and animal life and since global warming and cooling follows centuries-old cycles that have nothing to do with the activities of humans and the consumption of "fossil fuels".

    Exception: any projects that are already proving themselves cost effective.

  11. Cancel all ethanol subsidies, returning corn to a source of food and not fuel.

  12. Establish a flat tax for all tax payers and corporations, closing all big business loopholes.

  13. Cancel all nonessential and frivolous pork barrel spending and grants such as the NIH grant to find out if a gay man's penis size has any correlation with his sexual health.

  14. Cancel all Federal compliance monitoring of businesses and agencies of any size unless there is a direct correlation between a company's practices and the health and welfare of the general public and/or the employees, or a specific violation of the USC [US Code].

  15. Depose any member of the NLRB [National Labor Relations Board] who has any prior involvement in the leadership of any union. Such a relationship would be a clear conflict of interest.

  16. Make all 50 states Right to Work states, irrespective of existing state laws

  17. Remove all grants and subsidies for abortions.

  18. Forbid featherbedding in any work rule or service contract. The original steam locomotive needed two men in the cab: an engineer to "drive" the train and a fireman to shovel in coal to keep the steam up. However, the coming of the diesel locomotive negated the need for a fireman. However, unions tried to obtain work rules that required a fireman in the cab of a diesel locomotive. Hence, the term "featherbedding" came to mean a person hired to do any "no work" job.

  19. Abolish all tenure rules for all instructional personnel, from preschool through graduate school. Utilize the regular discipline ladder to handle employee performance problems. At the point of dismissal, call for a secret ballot vote by all involved students and parents/guardians. In such a vote, each student will have up to three qualified voters: the student, and one or two parents/guardians.

    If a students has not reached the legal age of accountability, the parents/guardians may have up to three votes: one for the student and one for each parent/guardian. If a questionable employee gets two thirds of the possible fire votes, dismissal will occur within 30 days.

    In the event the employee is charged with a criminal offense, the dismissal will become effective at end of the appeal process or 365 days, whichever is shorter. If the offense pertains to interpersonal relationship with a student[s], the employee will be assigned to non-instructional duties during the appeal process.

  20. Abolish all rubber rooms as a place for unsuitable or unneeded employees to put in time. There is no middle ground between working and dismissal.

This ends my list of intended Executive Orders for my term as President for a Day. By Election Day, 2012, the economic and employment complexion of the entire country will have done such a 360 degree turnaround, I predict that if all these Executive Orders are left in place until November, 2012, the person who is willing to endorse them will be elected by a landslide.

Of course the Muslim impostor won't be caught near anything so rational and positive.

But if candidates such as Sarah Palin or Herman Cain chooses to make these Executive Orders a national platform, that person will be able to walk into the Oval Office without breaking a sweat!

Of course it can't be me. I'm too old and have too many medical problems to ever consider becoming POTUS, even in my dreams.

When will I serve my 24 hours as President for a Day? I choose August 4, 2011.

Stephen Pidgeon [©2011 The Obama Error, page 14] believes Barry was born on July 1, 1960, and that Malcolm X was the putative father. That's even worse than Barack Obama, Sr.

I choose August 4 for another more important and personal reason that has nothing to do with baby Barry.

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