Obama's gangster government grounded half Its P-3 Orion fire-fighting planes just before the Texas wildfires that have killed 4 and destroyed countless homes

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A P-3 Orion in fire-fighting action

Robert Johnson, Sep. 7, 2011, 9:29 AM

Read this story against the backdrop of Gov. Rick Perry leading in all the polls and planning to join the GOP debate tonight. He's already interrupted his campaigning once to rush back to his fire-lashed Texas.

Smells like little Barry and his union thugs are at it again! gel

A fleet of P-3 Orions, vital to the nations ability to control forest fires, were put out of service by the Obama administration following a contract dispute just five weeks ago.

According to Human Events, this leaves the federal government with only 11 tankers to battle the more than 50 large uncontrolled forest fires burning nationwide -- including the Texas fires that killed a mother and her child. [plus two more.]

This is 40 tankers less than was available to the Forest Service just 10 years ago.

Aero Union, the largest supplier of heavy-duty air tanker support to the government had their contract cancelled after disagreements over their maintenance plan.

Aero CEO Britt Gourley said he and his crews were prepared to fly and instead he was forced to put 60 people out of work with virtually no explanation.

"We wanted to sit down with them and ask why it was canceled and find a quick resolution, but they didn't want to talk about it. They just said, 'We don't want the airplanes, have a nice life,' " Gourley said to Human Events. "I had to let go of my staff-60 people and their families were devastated," Gourley said. "It's really been tragic."

On top of the current string of fires hitting the U.S., California is just entering its fire season and in response Gourley wrote a letter to the Forest Service asking them to reconsider their decision.

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