Obama: Learn from NJ Gov. Chris Christie on the NBC Today Show

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In this NBC video, we see that
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie [R]

is not letting the public employee unions push him around. He realized the unions were asking for more than the State could pay, so he put his foot down. You can hear them yelling ouch for three states over!

I lived in New Jersey for 11 years so I feel for those taxpayers.

Obama: you can learn a lesson here. This is the beginning of the end for public employees unions in all 50 states and the Federal level, too.

Public employees were sitting in the catbird seat for almost 50 years. Now it's over.

In 1962, JFK [the Camelot Boy] signed Executive Order 10988, which permitted collective bargaining by federal employees. This seems to be a thinly-veiled payback to George Meany, the AFL-CIO head, for helping JFK win the White House. Sound familiar?

This surely was a game-changer for public employees at every level. Before EO #10988, bargaining consisted of two opposite sides: labor and management.

Now we have the epitome of ludicrosity: two sides being paid with tax dollars bargaining with each other.

The two entities in public employee bargaining should be:

  • the employees

  • the taxpayers

If you can't live with that, unions, shut up and eat your supper!


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