Let's take a YouTube look at Newt for president in 2012

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Newt made an excellent showing in Saturday night's debate. Maybe it's time to take a more careful look at his qualifications for president in 2012.

Consider the following:

Newt has excellent credentials. He was Speaker of the House from 1995 to 1999. During that time, he was third in line for the presidency. Current law stipulates that the Speaker of the House of Representatives shall serve as President if neither the President nor the Vice President can serve.

No other Republican candidate has ever held such a high office in the US.

Newt is an excellent debater and can think well on his feet. He has a vast wealth of knowledge and experience and seems able to pull up the precise factoid for any situation. This skill is going to be essential during the last months leading up to the election when the two candidates will be going head to head. Personal opinion?

Newt will shred Obama on any topic in a verbal confrontation.

Newt may not speak with Obama's oratorical inflection. After all, he was born in Harrisburg, PA and was raised in Hummelstown, where my daughter first set up housekeeping.

However, remember this. Obama's brain is hard wired to his TelePrompTer. In one press conference, Obama hemmed and hawed for several minutes by the clock until something new appeared on the screen. That's not debating; that's reading a script like any other actor would do.

In comparison to Newt, here is how I would grade the other major candidates to date in any Obama verbal confrontation:

Cain: plodding
Romney: overeager
Perry: hesitant
Santorum: preppy
Bachmann: flustered
Huntsman: dull

Newt is a former college professor and prolific writer, with fiction and non-fiction titles in his resume.

Here are a number of Newt videos for you to use in getting up to speed and see what Newt has been saying lately.

I suggest you watch No. 1 first. This clip is critical in dispelling a lot of the rumors that have been swirling around Newt in recent months.

No. 1: Gingrich on Fair Questions and His Tiffany's Account

After that, watch videos in any order. Or do your own search of YouTube videos and see what you find.

Click YouTube and type these characters in the search field: Newt for president in 2012

Now, scroll down this page and click on the links that seem to be of interest to you.

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How about this?

Newt for President and Herman for Vice President!

Keep Obama Off 2012 Ballot
G. Edwin Lint, BS, ThB, MA, -- Editor
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