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Drawbridge's Posts Concerning Obama's Alleged Criminal Activities

The clock is ticking away as election day draws away.

Here is a short list of very powerful books that tell the truth about Obama, the illegal alien, like you will hear it in very few places.

Please understand that DiskBooks Electronic Publishing receives no commission on the sale of these books. If you do buy one of these books, read it, take notes of key facts, and pass it on to someone who is still living in the dark regarding Obama. My reward comes from knowing that the truth is being passed on.

The Amateur, 2012 Edward Klein

You can learn about

  • The inordinate influence Michelle wields over Barack and her feud with a high-profile celebrity

  • The real reason Rahm Emmanuel left the White House (it wasn't for family reasons)

  • Why Valerie Jarrett's role is closer to that of Rasputin than impartial senior advisor

  • Obama's problems with American Jews

  • How Obama has purposefully forgotten and ignored those that put him in power, including the Kennedys, and the Jewish and African American communities in Chicago

Manchurian President, 2011 Aaron Klein,
Brenda J. Elliott

This book ties Obama to Communists, socialists and other anti-American extremists, available in hard cover and Kindle format.

I have just started reading this book. Very well written and documented.

The Obama Error, 2011 Stephen Pidgeon, JD

I am about half way through this book. As you could expect of an author who is also a lawyer with an earned doctorate in Jurisprudence, it is methodical in its shredding of the urbane Obama façade.

Dr. Pidgeon assembles an excellent chapter and verse framework from the US Code for eventual Impeachment by the House, and a subsequent guilty verdict by the Senate.

The case for impeaching Obama makes the 1998-1999 Clinton impeachment case look very tepid.

Deconstructing Obama, 2011 Jack Cashill

Jack Cashill, as the author of Hoodwinked, could smell a literary fraud a mile away. He nailed Obama as a literary fraud in the Fall of 2008, and showed Bomber Bill Ayers as the true author of most of Dreams from My Father. However, Jack ran out of time and money before he could prove to the world the phony baloney Obama really is. Now he is back with a merciless deconstruction of the real Obama as a non-writer literary fraud. Bomber Ayers got no credit and no cut for doing all the heavy lifting on Dreams

I devoured this book and am praying America will wake up before the election. Available for Kindle.

Where's the REAL Birth Certificate? 2011 Jerome R. Corsi, Ph.D.

Where's the REAL Birth Certificate is a must read for all Americans who want to see Obama back in his homeland of Kenya, or wherever.

Click this link for a step by step procedure for downloading REAL Birth Certificate and downloading a copy of Calibre eBook Management software. Your new book will run on Kindle and all other ebook devices with the help of the powerful Calibre.

Where's the Birth Certificate? 2011 Jerome R. Corsi, Ph.D.

The April 27, 2011 forged release of the Hawaiian long form birth certificate puts this book in sharp focus. Excellent read; available for Kindle. Dr. Corsi is still on Obama's forgery trail through his day job at WorldNetDaily.

Available in hard cover and Kindle format.

Gangster Government: Barack Obama and the New Washington Thugocracy David Freddoso

Washington journalist David Freddoso provides a detailed account of how Obama and his gangster government have abused their powers and now threaten our freedoms. GM, Chrysler, what's next?

Available in hard cover and Kindle format.

Obama Nation, 2008 Jerome R. Corsi, Ph.D. Excellent starter book if you're just getting into the repugnant and sinister world of the Obama hoax.



Keep Obama Off 2012 Ballot
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