Where's the REAL Birth Certificate is a must read for all Americans who want to see Obama back in his homeland of Kenya, or wherever

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Where's the REAL Birth Certificate is a Must Read for all Americans how want to see Obama back in his homeland of Kenya, or wherever

Have you already read Dr. Jerome Corsi's best seller Where's the Birth Certificate?

This book is available in hard copy and Kindle format and gives the full background of the search for Obama's mystical birth certificate.

If you have, read the first book, then you're ready to move up to the digital update, Where's the REAL Birth Certificate? Note: the operant word in this title is Real. When you see it in print, it's usually in Red.

If you have been a doubting Thomas so far about this forgery business, you need Real Birth Certificate to erase all misgivings from you mind.

Dr. Corsi cites and quotes unassailable experts in desktop publishing, scanning, and typography. You will come to one conclusion: our so-called president [and his obots] is a forger and a clumsy one at that!

You will have to jump through a few hoops but the end product is worth all the effort. Actually, you are 8 steps from reading Dr. Corsi's latest words on your Kindle or other ebook device.

And the price is right: $7.99 with "free shipping".

As always, Drawbridge has no financial interest in anything we discuss here. Our only interest is in saving our country from utter destruction at the hand of a whack-a-doodle impostor president.

This book is available only in ebook format and not in hard copy.

You can initiate the download it at this link Remember to always look for the red REAL, to distinguish it for the first book which has no red REAL in the name.

Unfortunately, this ebook will not download automatically to your wi fi Kindle. It may take a day or so for the download to become available and when it is, the WND Superstore will notify you and e-mail you with a download link.

Your book will be available in two formats. Mobi is for the Kindle and epub is for all other ebook devices.

From here on, it gets kind of tricky. I use the Kindle so I can only recount my experience with getting my Real Birth Certificate onto my Kindle.

If you have some other ebook device, you can probably extrapolate a path for successful screen appearance on your device.

Here are the eight steps I took:

First, create a new folder on your desktop with a name you will remember when you download the Calibre software and your Mobi version of Real Birth Certificate.

Second, download the Calibre eBook Management software and save it to the new folder. This is a necessary first step and greatly facilitates the painless appearance of your Real Birth Certificate in your Kindle's Home menu.

Here's the download link for your copy of Calibre

The US spelling is caliber. That knocked me off stride at first.

Third, install the Calibre eBook Management software by double-clicking the download icon. In the best of worlds, the startup icon [a small shelf of books] for Calibre eBook Management software would appear in the folder with the download icon. In my case it did not. It appeared out on the desktop, outside the new folder. [This incident caused me hours of tire-spinning until I realized the bookshelf icon was out on the desktop???]

Fourth, order the ebook version of Real Birth Certificate with a credit card. A day or so later,you will be informed that your new ebook is ready for download in either Mobi or Epub format. Of course choose Mobi if you use a Kindle. Had I chosen Epub, I'm sure Calibre would have been smart enough to convert it for me automatically. It's really a very instinctive and powerful tool, worth the voluntary shareware donation at download.

Fifth. connect your Kindle to your computer with the USB cable [integrated with the recharge cord].

Sixth, open Calibre eBook Management by double-clicking the icon out on the desktop.

Seventh, click the "Add books" button and browse to the folder with the Real Birth Certificate, and click it to select it. It will show up in the main view.

Eighth, Click the "Send to device" button. Once the icon stops spinning, disconnect your Kindle from your computer and press the Home menu button. Real Birth Certificate will be there. If you didn't convert the book in the previous step, Calibre will auto convert it to the format your reader device understands.

Remember: our primary objective is to rid our country of this socialist/communist impostor who is dedicated to the ultimate destruction of the American way of life.

Keep Obama Off 2012 Ballot
G. Edwin Lint, BS, ThB, MA, -- Editor
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AntiObama Library of Must Reads

Drawbridge's Posts Concerning Obama's Alleged Criminal Activities

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