Obama Has Been Educated Beyond His Intelligence: Ten Proofs

Obama is a crook; Obama is an idiot [pick one]

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The only people who don't want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide. --B. H. Obama, 8/21/2010
  1. While attending Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard, he never wrote anything worthy of publication, even though he was launched via affirmative action into the position of President of the Harvard Law Review.

  2. When he got a contract to write Dreams from My Father, he developed a massive case of writer's block; Bomber Bill Ayers [a gifted writer] was clandestinely recruited to write major segments of the Obama book; Ayers got neither a cut nor any credit.

  3. Obama sat under the ministry of Jeremiah Wright for 25 years; he claims he was unaware that the man was spewing anti-America bombast from the pulpit.

  4. He allowed people to forge a Certificate of Live Birth [COLB] during the campaign using desktop publishing software that was not developed until decades after his birth.

  5. He didn't learn from this mistake. On April 27, 2011, he released the long-awaited complete Hawaiian Birth Certificate. It took just four hours for the reports of forgeries to come flooding in.

  6. Although he saw the fund-raising potential of the Internet during the 2008 campaign, he fails to realize that every time he uses a fake Social Security number, he leaves an indelible dumb-print in the sands of cyberspace. The evidence of his skullduggery will still be filtering in after he's gone.

  7. He flew his entire entourage to Europe [at our expense] with the narcissistic notion that he could bring the Olympics home to Chicago.

  8. He believes he can print and borrow money as though there is no tomorrow. [If he gets on the 2012 ballot, there may very well not be a tomorrow!]

  9. After the successful mission of Navy SEAL Team 6 to take out ObL, Obama allowed multiple spokespersons from the White House to make conflicting reports of what actually happened.

  10. Obama still refuses to terminate the investigation of the intelligence specialists who helped to make the ObL mission so successful. These intelligence activities took place before his gangster government oozed in from Chicago.

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