Global Warming: the Drawbridge Official Position

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Global Warming

When Global Warming is mentioned in a Drawbridge Blog, we mean it within the context of the following:

The Earth's temperature is not subject to the activities on the surface of the globe. In other words, humans can do nothing to make Earth cooler or warmer. Global temperatures do fluctuate up and down but such changes are totally within God's hands and mere mortals can do nothing to effect Earth's temperature one way or the other.

The first four words in the Bible are


In The Beginning God.

So what God did in the beginning, He will continue to do according to His good pleasure. God created Earth for the benefit of humans. He placed animal life and plant life here for our sustenance and comfort.

He designed humans and animals to breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Conversely, plant life breathes in carbon dioxide and exhales oxygen. This is God's master plan and nothing Al Gore and his kind do can change it one iota. Divine simpatico.

The notion of selling or rationing carbon units is straight out of a con man's "a sucker is born every minute" play book. In other words, selling carbon units is nothing but a massive carnival hoax!

Those who traffic in such drivel should be discredited and turned over to the justice system as soon as we get a real Attorney General.

Conservation, recycling, and striving for clean air and water are worthy goals and have no cause and effect relationship with global warming.

Clean [green] Energy

There is no doubting the fact that our Sun is the most awesome source of power in our universe. The Sun has enough latent power to heat/cool every building on the globe, with enough power left over to power every passenger and freight conveyance.

However, God is withholding that knowledge from us for the time being. He may have other uses for the Sun that go beyond human comprehension in this era.

Meanwhile, we must be content to work with what we have and is within our practical reach. Of course, all efforts to use current sources of power must pass the test of cost/benefit analysis.

Furthermore, everything must be driven by marketability and not fanatic ideology.

Converting corn to ethanol is a classic example of failing to pass the cost/benefit test. It may be costing more fuel to convert corn to fuel than we gain in added fuel, while driving up food costs because we are burning so much corn.

Making more solar panels than we can profitably sell is another example of failing the cost/benefit test.

The technology doesn't now exist to enable us to get Air Force One off the ground with clean/green energy alone. It may never exist in our lifetime.

In the meantime, we should content ourselves with carefully reaping the resources God has given us in our land: gas, oil, and coal, while keeping a research eye on such things as wind, tides, geothermal, and solar.

G. Edwin Lint


G. Edwin Lint, BS, ThB, MA, -- Editor
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