Obama Congressional investigation; contact your Governor, Senators, and Representative with an e-mail message. A sample is provided.

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Before you start sending anti-Obama e-mails to your Governor, Senators and Representative, you may want to review what should be your source website for any letters you may send:

Drawbridge's Posts Concerning Obama's Alleged Criminal Activities

Table of Contents:

Sending an e-mail message to your Governor
Sending an e-mail message to your Senators
Sending an e-mail message to your Representative

This blog includes information on how to find Hypertext links for all 50 states and their Governors, Senators, and Representatives.

Every citizen has two Senators and one Representative, plus one Governor. Every American who is concerned about the Obama fiasco should contact these four persons and urge action.

Do this at least once a week.

I will give you a step-by-step process for sending e-mail messages to all four of these persons.

Don't skip the Democrats and write to Republicans, only. My state has one Democrat Senator. The rest are Republicans. I'm writing to all four because a lot of Democrats are fed up with Obama, too.

It may help to give them a little push if it ever comes to a vote on an Obama investigation issue.

Sending an e-mail message to your Governor

First, type your message in a separate word processor document and have it open on the desktop when you start to send your e-mail messages. Make sure your spell checker is turned on and proof it [or have someone else proof it] until it is letter perfect.

I send the same basic letter to all four of my recipients. All four of these e-mail pages are text only. This means there are no formatting features such as bolding, italics, or color.

And no Hyperlinks, either. If you send a link to a website [and I sent one with my letter], the reader [some staff person] will need to copy and paste the link into a browser to see the message on the Internet.

When you get to the Comments section, load your comments from the word processor document onto your clipboard.

Use this resource if you need help with copying and pasting with your clipboard: http://www.diskbooks.org/clipboard.html

Click this link and you will go to a screen with all 50 states listed in alphabetic order.

Click on your state.

Now you will see your Governor's home page. Look for the E-mail the Governor's Office link and click it.

Not all home pages will use the same layout. Even within the same state, layouts may change from person to person and even from day to day for the same person.

You need to look for terms like contact, send e-mail, electronic message. You may have to make a couple clicks until you get to the contact screen.

When you get to the contact screen, you will see the following data fields:

Most such screens will let you advance to the next field by pressing the TAB key.

Prefix: Mrs., Miss, Mr. etc. This will probably be a menu; scroll to the one you want to use.

First Name:

Last Name:

Street Address:



County: This will give you a drop-down box with all your state's counties. Most such boxes will let you type the first letter of the name you want and the list will scroll until your county comes up. In my case, I have to type C several times until Cumberland comes up. Then press TAB to continue on.

Zip Code:


Confirm e-mail: You are being asked to type your e-mail address a second time so you can be sure it is correct.

Phone Number:

Mobile Phone Number: I never give my cell phone number because I have a land line number. This field will probably be optional so you can skip it if you have already given a land line number..

Your Comments:

Subject: There may be a menu to display the options. Select the one you want and press TAB.


Here's a copy of a message I have used. You can copy it, paraphrase it, or write your own. You decide.

Message begins [Of course, these names are for Pennsylvania. You will use the names for your own state.]

Governor Tom Corbett,
Senator Robert P. Casey, Jr.
Senator Pat Toomey,
Representative Todd Russell Platts,

This letter continues my urgent request that Congress launch a full investigation on the illegal activities of President Obama.

These illegal activities include, but are not limited to:

**forging the long-form birth certificate that was presented to the public April 27, 2011. Expert reports of the evidence of forgery began appearing within four hours of its release.

**Use of a bogus Social Security number that begins with the digits 042 even though Obama has never lived in or worked in Connecticut.

More information on the illegal activities of Obama may be found at the following website:


Your careful consideration of this request will be appreciated. The welfare of our nation is at stake.

By the way, race is not an issue. My favorite candidate for president in 2012 is Herman Cain.

Message ends

You may see a strange display of crooked characters you are supposed to type into a field. This is used to make sure you are a human being and not not an automatic device that is being used to send a massive number of messages. Make your best guess; they change every time you use this page. I see this one as 9 H G F Q.

Sending an E-Mail Message to Your Senators

Click this link:

You will see a screen for picking your Senators with a drop-down State menu in the center. Click the down arrow for Choose a State.

When the menu appears, type the first letter of your state. If there is more than one state with the same first letter, keep typing the same letter until your state appears. You will have to press N eight times for North Dakota to appear.

Or, you can use your mouse to navigate to your state.

When you have selected your state, your two Senators will appear in the center and their names will be links. Click the first one and that Senator's home page will appear.

Look for a Contact button or link. [Some screens may change a little from day to day or person to person]. Click it.

You are now on the Contact screen, if you start seeing the typical data fields explained in the Governor's section above.

Submit your comments and then repeat the process for your second Senator.

Sending an E-Mail message to your Representative

Click this link:

Now you will see the House of Representatives home page.

Enter your zip code in the search box, in the upper right corner of the screen, and press Go. If there is more than one search box, try the lower one first.

Your representative's name and thumbnail picture will appear at the left.

Pass your mouse pointer over the name and it will become a link; click it.

Now click Contact, the third tab from the left.

Now, in the upper right corner, you will see an electronic message button; Click it.

Now you will see the typical data entry page for sending messages to your Governor and Senators.

Tab through the fields, filling in each one as you have done for your Governor and Senators.

Isn't this fun?

It's worth it if we can help give Barry a boot in the stern and send him on his merry way!

If you get stuck with one of your e-mail messages, send me an e-mail with your phone number. I will call you anywhere in the continental 48 states to provide technical assistance.

Here's my contact information:

Ed Lint, Drawbridge Blog Editor



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