Equidistant Letter Sequences [ELS for short] and the reality of Christmas

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The miracle of Equidistant Letter Sequences [ELS]

During past several years, a lot of folks have been talking about the miracle of Equidistant Letter Sequences -- ELS for short -- in the original Hebrew text of the Old Testament.

When God dictated the Old Testament to Moses and the other writers, He did so in such a way that key words and messages are spelled out in the Hebrew letters. When God wanted to use the Hebrew name for Jesus, Yeshua, He did so spacing the letters the same distance apart.

The first letter of Yeshua appears in Genesis one-one. The second letter appears 253 letters after that, the third letter 253 letters after that, and so on.

The Hebrew name for Jesus -- Yeshua --not only appears in Genesis one-one but is repeated throughout the entire Old Testament, through Malachi.

In the sections of the Old Testament we call the Messianic prophecies, we find the phrase, Yeshua is my Name. This is such a miracle that computer scientists and mathematicians agree that it could not have happened by chance. Even with today's most powerful computers, ELS would be impossible for mere humans to duplicate.

When the Angel told Mary "His name is called Jesus," he was only reporting what had already been decided when God wrote the first word of Genesis by dictating it to Moses.

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