Comparison of the presidencies of Obama and Dubya

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President George W. Bush

Andrew Clavan has a great video comparison of Obama and Dubya.


By the way, Dubya is the nickname used for George W. Bush by his friends. If you are hearing Dubya for the first time in this blog, perhaps you aren't his friend.

The letter W is the only letter in the alphabet that can be mispronounced. The correct pronunciation is double-you.

Of course many Americans [excluding DJs who have worked East of the Mississippi] fail to pronounce W correctly because most radio stations have call letters that begin with W, except KDKA Pittsburgh.

Stations West of the Mississippi begin with K.

George Walker Bush came to be known as Dubya to avoid confusion with his dad, George Herbert Walker Bush.

In his video, Andrew Clavan eviscerates the big name TV commentators who never passed up a chance to take a shot at Dubya. They sure look stupid now, in retrospect.

I heard about research that was done on media coverage during the 2008 election. They counted the number of news stories major news outlets did on McCain compared to Obama.

ABC, CBS, and NBC did 5 stories on Obama for every story they did on McCain.

For CNN, the ratio was 3 for Obama to 1 for McCain.

For Fox, the fair and balanced service, it was one to one across the board. Every time they mentioned Obama, they mentioned McCain, also.

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AntiObama Library of Must Reads

Drawbridge's Posts Concerning Obama's Alleged Criminal Activities

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