Herman Cain had a better press conference than Obama has ever had

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Herman Cain had a better press conference than Obama has ever had, complete with an unscripted question and answer session at the end.

When you click this link, be sure and let the video to run all the way to the end, so you can hear the Q and A session.

Herman Cain has caught the interest of many evangelical conservatives, including Drawbridge.

Who knows? He may crash and burn before the nominee is designated. However, if Cain does do down it should not be under the smog of false sexual accusations.

Cain was able to state his side of the story in a full-fledged press conference, complete with ad hoc questions from the floor.

This 15-minute televised press conference is significant for the following reasons:

  1. He used no TelePrompTer; just rough notes.

  2. His presentation was firm and not faltering nor evasive. By comparison, Slick Willy Clinton was very tentative and evasive when he responded to the Bimbo Eruptions in his 1998 press conference.

  3. When Cain opened the floor for questions, he took them from anyone who raised a hand.

  4. By comparison, when Barry Obama takes questions in a "press conference", the whole operation is totally scripted. Obama has a list of all the questioners and their questions. He has arranged them in order and knows exactly what each person is going to say and what the exact wording of the question will be.

    Herman Cain's Q and A session was totally unscripted and free-flowing.

    Normal, in other words.

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Drawbridge's Posts Concerning Obama's Alleged Criminal Activities

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