Obama used Bomber Bill Ayers as a babysitter as well as a fraudulent ghost writer

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Malia & Sasha Obama with Michelle 2008; Weatherman Bomber Bill Ayers

Politico ran the October 30, 2011 story proclaiming Herman Cain was accused of sexual harassment, refusing to name the accusers' or the names of its sources, saying that it was important to protect the "privacy" and "be sensitive to" those individuals.

This is a complete reversal from Politico.com and Politico.com "blogger" Ben Smith's position during the 2008 Presidential Campaign when they chose to kill a sourced story confirming that Bill Ayers regularly served as baby sitter to the Obama daughters. In August/September 2008 Ben Smith, Politico.com blogger/reporter was given information which proved Barack Obama had a more substantial relationship with unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers than he or his 2008 campaign were claiming. Unlike with Politico's recent desire to protect the accusers privacy and "be sensitive to" those individuals, Smith and Politico insisted on being able to publish the name (s) of those who provided the information showing Ayers was in fact a regular Obama babysitter. Malia & Sasha Obama with Michelle 2008

Yes, in 2008 Politico.com and Ben Smith were given sourced information proving that Weather Underground terrorist and Obama friend Bill Ayers regularly baby sat for Barack & Michelle Obama. Politico's Ben Smith was provided sourced information showing that Bill Ayers had on numerous occasions picked up the Obama girls from classes with full authorization of Barack & Michelle Obama and was listed as Obama's baby sitter. Despite the factual information provided to Politico and Ben Smith specifically, Smith and Politico refused to report the story unless one of the sources were identified by name in the story. Not only did Smith and Politico fail to be truthful in its 2008 coverage of the Presidential Campaign, they actively engaged in the killing of sourced, factual stories about Barack Obama which would certainly have been harmful to the Obama Campaign and possibly cost Obama the election. Malia & Sasha Obama with Michelle 2008

The facts as reported by individuals who were responsible for the education, well being, and caring for the Obama daughters were buried by Politico and Ben Smith for no other reason than Smith's desire to protect the Obama campaign. Smith knew these individuals would not agree to having their names and positions published because of certain and immediate termination of their jobs. Smith knowing used the clear and certain threat of having these peoples careers destroyed to keep the truth from being reported.

Barack Obama claimed when asked about Bill Ayers, "He's a guy in the neighborhood." Politico & Ben Smith knew in 2008 Bill Ayers was much more than "just a man in the neighborhood, in fact Bill Ayers was a designated, listed and authorized person to pick up Malia and Sasha Obama from school, sports practices and classes."

Of course, Jack Cashill is now telling the whole world in his new book that Bill Ayers was the unnamed ghost writer for Dreams from My Father, making Obama a literary fraud as well as a forger and a Social Security fraud.

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G. Edwin Lint, BS, ThB, MA, -- Editor
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AntiObama Library of Must Reads

Drawbridge's Posts Concerning Obama's Alleged Criminal Activities

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