Obama: why do you have an Islamic Sharia term like "dhimmitude" in your health care law?

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FDR: In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way

This is a very strange word: dhimmitude. It seems very important to pursue the exact definition of this word, which appears in the despicable Obamacare law.

Wikipedia says this about the word: Dhimmitude is a neologism first found in French denoting an attitude of concession, surrender and appeasement towards Islamic demands. It is derived by adding the productive suffix -tude to the Arabic language adjective dhimmi, which literally means protected and refers to a non-Muslim subject of a sharia law state.

Now isn't this interesting? Obama used an Islamic term in a US law. The pestiferous Obamacare law, no less.

If you try to check this out, you will find a lot of mumbo jumbo which says in essence that Muslims will be treated as all other Americans under Obamacare. But, if this is true, why did Obama use an Islamic word like dhimmitude in the first place?

Here is this hot shot Harvard lawyer using an inappropriate word in an inappropriate place.

Remember what FDR said:

In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.

Here's Drawbridge's opinion: Barry slyly slipped this word into the law's fine print as a stink bomb with a five-year fuse. He knew it would eventually be found and would cause a certain degree of tumult and shouting.

An obnoxious Saul Alinsky-style stunt.

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G. Edwin Lint, BS, ThB, MA, -- Editor
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Drawbridge's Posts Concerning Obama's Alleged Criminal Activities

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