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I admit I didn't see the whole debate. The American League Championship Series was of much more compelling interest to me.

Besides that, who wants to hear a bunch of questions from undecided voters at this point in the campaign? By definition, these people are mentally handicapped. What rock have they been hiding under for the last four years? I want to see questions from people who are actively engaged in their world, not political hermits.

However, I did see portions of the debate. And there was one that struck me as fascinating for the insight it provides into the way Barack Obama's mind works.

The question to Obama came from one Katherine Fenton. She asked: "In what new ways do you intend to rectify the inequalities in the workplace, specifically regarding females making only 72 percent of what their male counterparts earn?"

First of all, this is the type of question you would expect from an "undecided voter." My answer would have been, "Madame, did it ever occur to you that women make only 72 percent of what their male counterparts make because they have the unique, God-given privilege of bearing children? Did it ever occur to you that women simply are not physically able to do the same work many men do, because God generally made men physically stronger? Did it ever occur to you that it is none of the federal government's damn business to try to impose top-down formula for ensuring this form of 'economic equality' - and no one could possibly do a worse job than Washington?"

That's why I could never run for president, of course. Honesty and hard truths don't get you many votes.

But notice how Obama handled this question. It's very curious. Here it is in its breathless and incoherent totality - with my side comments:

"Well, Katherine, that's a great question. And, you know, I was raised by a single mom who had to put herself through school while looking after two kids. And she worked hard every day and made a lot of sacrifices to make sure we got everything we needed. My grandmother, she started off as a secretary in a bank. She never got a college education, even though she was smart as a whip. And she worked her way up to become a vice president of a local bank, but she hit the glass ceiling. She trained people who would end up becoming her bosses during the course of her career. She didn't complain. That's not what you did in that generation."

STOP THE TAPE! Obama says his grandmother succeeded in becoming the vice president of a local bank way back in the 1960s without complaining, without any federal government intervention, without any college education. But now, 50 years later, it's time, evidently, for complaining, federal intervention in who gets promoted at local banks and getting college degrees that are obviously not worth the paper they're written on. Do I have this about right?

START THE TAPE! "And this is one of the reasons why one of the first - the first bill I signed was something called the Lily Ledbetter bill. And it's named after this amazing woman who had been doing the same job as a man for years, found out that she was getting paid less, and the Supreme Court said that she couldn't bring suit because she should have found out about it earlier, whereas she had no way of finding out about it. So we fixed that. And that's an example of the kind of advocacy that we need, because women are increasingly the breadwinners in the family. This is not just a women's issue, this is a family issue, this is a middle-class issue, and that's why we've got to fight for it."

STOP THE TAPE! Actually, this is the kind of legislation that is killing jobs in America today faster than ever before. That doesn't benefit women or men. Bills like this expose large and small companies to vast new liabilities extending back decades. What's wrong with eliminating the statute of limitations on this kind of "injustice"? Simple. How on earth are supervisors and witnesses no longer around going to refute charges of discrimination from two decades ago? Ledbetter is no sacrificial lamb. She was awarded $3.3 million in punitive damages, plus $223,776 in back pay and $4,662 for mental anguish for her claims.

START THE TAPE! "It also means that we've got to make sure that young people like yourself are able to afford a college education. Earlier, Governor Romney talked about he wants to make Pell Grants and other education accessible for young people. Well, the truth of the matter is, is that that's exactly what we've done. We've expanded Pell Grants for millions of people, including millions of young women, all across the country. We did it by taking $60 billion that was going to banks and lenders as middlemen for the student loan program, and we said, let's just cut out the middleman. Let's give the money directly to students. And as a consequence, we've seen millions of young people be able to afford college, and that's going to make sure that young women are going to be able to compete in that marketplace."

STOP THE TAPE! Wait a minute! Isn't it true that women are attending and graduating college in disproportionately higher numbers than men these days? Are we possibly addressing a problem that no longer exists - and maybe ignoring a new one that hasn't been recognized?

START THE TAPE! "But we've got to enforce the laws, which is what we are doing, and we've also got to make sure that in every walk of life we do not tolerate discrimination."

STOP THE TAPE! This is where it really starts to get interesting - so stay with me. Now I don't believe there is systematic discrimination against women in the workplace. Not today for sure. The government has made it downright dangerous to discriminate against women. It's OK to discriminate against men, but not women. But notice where Obama goes from here.

START THE TAPE! "Katherine, I just want to point out that when Governor Romney's campaign was asked about the Lilly Ledbetter bill, whether he supported it? He said, 'I'll get back to you.' And that's not the kind of advocacy that women need in any economy. Now, there are some other issues that have a bearing on how women succeed in the workplace. For example, their health care. You know a major difference in this campaign is that Governor Romney feels comfortable having politicians in Washington decide the health-care choices that women are making."

STOP THE TAPE! Did I just hear what I think I heard? The author of Washington's takeover of the American health-care system accuses his opponent, who wants to repeal it, of feeling "comfortable having politicians in Washington decide the health-care choices that women are making." Now watch where he goes from there - and, remember, this all started with a question about equal pay for equal work.

START THE TAPE! "I think that's a mistake. In my health-care bill, I said insurance companies need to provide contraceptive coverage to everybody who is insured. Because this is not just a - a health issue, it's an economic issue for women. It makes a difference. This is money out of that family's pocket. Governor Romney not only opposed it, he suggested that in fact employers should be able to make the decision as to whether or not a woman gets contraception through her insurance coverage. That's not the kind of advocacy that women need. When Governor Romney says that we should eliminate funding for Planned Parenthood, there are millions of women all across the country, who rely on Planned Parenthood for, not just contraceptive care, they rely on it for mammograms, for cervical cancer screenings. That's a pocketbook issue for women and families all across the country. And it makes a difference in terms of how well and effectively women are able to work. When we talk about child care, and the credits that we're providing. That makes a difference in whether they can go out there and - and earn a living for their family."

STOP THE TAPE! Did I hear right? Did Obama say Planned Parenthood offers mammograms? Not true. Planned Parenthood doesn't care about fighting cancer. Planned Parenthood cares about one thing - destroying the most innocent human life before it ever gets a chance to see daylight. And here Obama segues inexplicably and irrationally from a discussion of equal pay into his plan to force employers, against their will, to provide abortions they oppose morally and spiritually. What does this have to do with equal pay for equal work? Obama knows. Why do women make only 72 percent of what men make? Because they have babies. Obama's answer to the inequality? No more babies. Kill them before they have a chance to burden their mothers by causing them to make less money than their male counterparts.

Or maybe what Obama was really suggesting was something along these lines: "I have no plan to help you make equal pay for equal work. However, the men around you still want to use you for sex, and we'll make sure you have contraceptives to keep us worry-free. And just in case that doesn't work, you can always go in and abort."

What do you think? Do I have this about right?

Either Obama is incapable of linear thought - or he has a one-track mind and associates all the concerns of women with the "punishment" Remember what he said about his own daughters: "When it comes specifically to HIV/AIDS, the most important prevention is education, which should include - which should include abstinence education and teaching the children - teaching children, you know, that sex is not something casual. But it should also include - it should also include other, you know, information about contraception because, look, I've got two daughters - 9 years old and 6 years old. I am going to teach them first of all about values and morals. But if they make a mistake, I don't want them punished with a baby."

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G. Edwin Lint, BS, ThB, MA, -- Editor
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