Is Michelle Obama a Political Liability?

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Michelle's motorcade shuts down a London street as the First Lady does a little shopping

by Thornton Parsons -- May 14, 2012

In this age of pre-austerity measures in the United States, Barack Obama says that he's trying to rein in government spending, reduce the deficit, and tells the American people that they will have to tighten their belts. But what about his wife? Is there no end to the vacation queen's lavish spending?

Recently, liberals and the mainstream media vilified Ann Romney for her $990 designer t-shirt that she wore on CBS "This Morning." The double standard is alive and well. Who spoke out against Jacqueline Kennedy over her lavish spending habits? What does the Left say about Michelle Obama's bottomless taxpayer checkbook? The millions that she has spent on vacations around the world for her and her large entourage could be better spent on Americans with real problems.

Political wives always try to portray themselves as having so much in common with average Americans. Well, it's not true, but in favorable economic times, political wives' exorbitant spending is not particularly frowned upon, but becomes fodder for the American gossip mill. In this economic recession, is the Left willing to call Michelle Obama to task? At least Ann Romney spent her own money; not the taxpayers'.

While the Obamas do pay for some of their personal expenses from their own pocket, says that the amount paid by the couple is dwarfed by the overall cost to the public. The magazine also reports on Michelle's shopping sprees and her husband being furious with her over her out-of-control spending. However, publicly he defends it by saying that they have to have the Secret Service because they don't have a choice. Yes, Barack, you do have a choice. This is America. So, is Michelle Obama a political liability for the Democrats? Is she currently planning her next getaway? If I were to bet "yes," for once I'd probably win.

Millions of unemployed Americans, as well as a good number of employed Americans, have had no choice but to plan staycations instead of vacations. The poor economy doesn't permit the luxury of taking the kids to the beach in order to balance the family budget.

Wall Street Occupiers, where did you go on vacation?

Oh, yeah, you're still in Zuccotti Park.

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G. Edwin Lint, BS, ThB, MA, -- Editor
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Drawbridge's Posts Concerning Obama's Alleged Criminal Activities

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