Lions of Judah by Gilbert Morris, Ph.D.

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Nancy and I have always been avid readers. We each have a Kindle and when I stumbled onto the Lions of Judah series by Gilbert Morris we both started reading. We have loved the six Lions of Judah, just half a dozen of his more than 180 published novels!

Years ago, before e-readers, we devoured the Biblical fiction of the late Frank G. Slaughter, MD.

The series of Biblical fiction books by prolific writer Gilbert Morris, Ph.D. selects six segments in the genealogy of Jesus Christ and amplifies them into six very readable Biblical history novels. Available in both hard copy and Kindle editions.

Morris uses the Bible as an armature to wind in back stories about some of your favorite Bible characters. Some of these Bible characters contain certain elements that could be salacious. However, Morris winnows out the potentially salacious elements without doing violence to the flow of the story.

Gilbert Morris, Ph.D.

Book 1: Heart of a Lion

Meet Noah, his wife, his three sons, and their wives, as they all struggle to build the ark according to God's specifications.

Book 2: No Woman So Far

Abram and his wife so fair, Sari, Hagar, Isaac, and Ishmael are featured in this book.

Book 3: The Gate of Heaven

Jacob has 12 sons by two wives and 2 concubines. This book could be X-rated but Morris skillfully sanitizes it while still telling the whole story.

Book 4: Till Shiloh Comes

Here is the story of Joseph and his travels from son of Jacob's favored wife, Rachel, to shepherd, to an Egyptian slave market, to Potiphar's house, to prison, to Pharaoh's right hand man.

Very readable!

Book 5: By Way of the Wilderness

Moses goes from a basket floating in the Nile, to Pharaoh's house, to nomadic shepherd, to God's chosen man to lead the enslaved Israelites in the exodus from Egypt to the promised land.

Book 6: Daughter of Deliverance

Ever wonder how the prostitute, Rahab, could move from a brothel into the bloodline of the Messiah? This book includes a complete back story!

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