Obama: the Tea Party is going to you expose as America's first and only fraud president

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Scroll down for the YouTube Video that will show how the Tea Party will expose Obama, our fraud president.

We're going to proclaim the truth and expose the fraud who dares to sit in the Oval Office and the bleeding heart liberal media that bow down to him.

We say "down with mainstream media!". Let's give them the "By-Pass" they deserve. Enough is enough! If the lame brained media wants to keep bending over and supporting America's Fraud President, spewing his disgusting lies and untruths, then to down with 'them.! Let's set them up for the mother of all "by-passes" and go direct to the American people.

Yes, you heard right! The Tea Party is giving the media a "by-pass" and it's going to be hot! Oh they'll have a coronary alright, especially when we turn them into yesterday's news! Are you ready for this?


We're exposing "America's Fraud President" for who he really is: evil incarnate. A good-for-nothing bleeding liar, fake and fraud.

We're bypassing the media, going direct to grassroots America and are asking you to come along. Outgoing calls have already started…and we're just warming up!

We're going to proclaim the truth and expose the fraud who dares to sit in the Oval Office and the bleeding heart liberal media that bow down to him. Are we crazy? I'm so tired of the freakin' liars in the Main Lame Media it makes me scream:

The Main Vain Media makes my skin crawl. They swoon over Obama as if he were the Messiah, come to save us from the evils of America. They couldn't be more wrong-or more pathetically stupid.

Why is the media turning a blind eye to the repulsive and hideous frauds being perpetrated on the American people? You know what frauds I'm talking about:

  • Wasting our time and resources, ramming despicable ObamaCare down our throats!

  • Signing the NDAA bill into law, codifying indefinite military detention without charge or trial! His royal highness, Mr. Omnipotent, now has the power to order the military to grab and imprison-indefinitely-any U.S. Citizen captured anywhere in the world, far from any battlefield. WTF?

  • Using predator drones to conduct "targeted killings" of U.S. Citizens (yes, now the law folks!) signed by yours truly, our utter Obomination of a president.

  • DEMANDING control over the Internet, giving the National Security Agency, part of the D.o.D.-the most commanding spy agency in the world-Internet supremacy. Guess what folks: he's collecting Internet records on all U.S. Citizens! (If you thought Saddam Hussein was bad or Fidel Castro is vile, you ain't seen nothin' yet. I smell a traitor.)

  • Stealthily appointing the I.R.S. to administrate his hellhole of health: ObamaCare. That's right, the most reviled government agency in all of our land, the I.R.S., will have all your financial records, Social Security numbers, tax records and now all your medical records. Yep, that can include your DNA Profile, blood test results, urine sample results-heck, guys even your sperm count.

  • Question: Why does the I.R.S. need all of that?

  • Answer: Because "America's Fraud President"the wolf in sheep's clothing-demands it! America is in serious jeopardy. Obama's motives are nothing less than sheer evil.

Do NOT forget that Obama…

  • Surrendered his license to practice law

  • Has multiple Social Security numbers

  • Posted a forged birth certificate April 27, 2011

  • Sealed his college and law school transcripts

  • Published Dreams from My Father with significant literary help from Bomber Bill Ayers with no credit nor compensation.

  • Possesses foreign passports

  • o Missing birth records in Hawaii

  • Sealed selective service records

  • Holds many different names and aliases

  • Threatened Sheriff Joe with lawsuits (for upholding the law!!!)

  • Has known ties to criminals, violent terrorists and racist pastors

What's worse, not one of us will forget how "America's Fraud

President" bailed out Wall Street, Fat Cat Banks and Mortgage Moguls to the tune of billions and billions of our tax dollars. Middle class America? All they got was screwed.

As if that's not enough, now Obama's apostles are preaching he is America's hope and salvation. Total trash-lies spawned from the bowels of hell and promulgated by the pea-brained media. Truth is, Obama is "America's Fraud President" and he MUST GO. America is not safe under this fraud.

We cannot endure another four years or he'll completely dismantle our country, tear us to shreds and turn America from the land of the free and the home of the brave to the land of the shackled, the home of the broken and downtrodden.

We must make our move NOW. It's time to expose Obama and cut the heart out of the media's despicable lies and cover-ups, giving them the "by-pass" they deserve! We the Tea Party are taking it to the streets, exposing Obama, "America's Fraud President."

BUT, we desperately need your help to continue to carry on our effort, march all over Washington and crush the media. Take no prisoners, be no prisoner. We must let our fellow Americans know what fraud has been perpetuated and what evil lurks around the corner, ready to be unleashed as part of the "Fraud President's" master plan.


Here's an update:

Almost everything is in place. By the time you read this, we'll have begun our assault, exposing the truth about "America's Fraud President" to grassroots America. Best of all, we're not going to do this alone; you can help by being part of "operation by-pass and expose!!!"

It gets even better, so let's review the plan: ONE MILLION HOUSEHOLDS…ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND at a time!

Now, hold onto your shorts, here comes the best part…

(For those who missed the first announcement we've decided to play it again, just to miff the Main Bane Media)

Dr. Jerome Corsi, PhD. has joined the Tea Party Team

Dr. Jerome Corsi is a Harvard PhD. Author of over 37 books, 5 New York Times best-sellers. Dr. Corsi authored Unfit for Command, the #1 New York Times best-seller, the book that exposed John Kerry as a fake war hero in 2004, denying John Kerry his bid for the White House. Dr. Corsi wrote the outstanding book ObamaNation, which defines Obama's background and raises serious questions about the president's citizenship.

Armed with this explosive information is how we're going to set the grassroots on fire. Our good friend and fellow patriot Dr. Jerome Corsi is providing the real dirt on "America's Fraud President."

READ THIS PARAGRAPH AND DON'T STOP: Because of new revelations, Dr. Corsi is bringing to light evidence not previously revealed in his bestselling ObamaNation. New and previously undisclosed information will, no doubt, once proved, send massive shockwaves of fear through the liberal regime and shake America to the bone.

Now you understand why it's imperative the Tea Party contact ONE MILLION HOUSEHOLDS with a potent, no-holds-barred telephone call now.

Can you imagine ONE MILLION HOUSEHOLDS receiving information which proves, without a shadow of doubt, America has a fraudulent president running our beloved nation?

Fact is, if this doesn't interest you, nothing will.

Let's not forget: we must keep the call center locations and operator teams off-the-radar and completely covert so the Obamites can't sabotage this grassroots operation with their minions, thugs and goons.

Who can forget the threat of killing and beating Citizens in Philadelphia who just wanted to vote in the last election? What do you think will happen when the Obamite's imperial leader is exposed as the fraud he is?!

Security must be kept at an all-time high. Heck, even if this alert falls into the wrong hands, an attempt to stop us will ensue!

Time is of the essence. ONE MILLION HOUSEHOLDS...ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND AT A TIME is the plan!

I'm going to be perfectly frank. Even with all the discounts, cutting corners and begging for price-cuts, we are still looking at a projected cost of .23 per household.

Multiply that by one million and our projected cost could be well over $230,000.00. God knows, America is worth it.

That's right. We must raise almost a quarter of a million dollars to reach one million U.S. Households to rip the mask off the face of "America's Fraud President." To hell with the Lame Stained Media!

Guess what? The calls already started because real Patriots-good-hearted people like you who love America and your freedoms-stepped up and said: "You can count on me!" Believe me, we are!

Now it's time to turn up the heat!

In fact, we're on our way to completing the first 100,000 households. Soon I'll be able to get you a report on what happened, how many people told us to "F" off and how many said "WHAT?! YES, TELL ME MORE!"

As we continue to grow at a feverish pace, the Main Steamed Media becomes irrelevant. Who the hell needs that bunch of Bozos anyhow?

Okay, let's get down to business.

Have you completed the 3 steps I asked you to do just 1 week ago?


If you're as tired of this freak'n Obama fraud as I am, you will step up and be counted.

Do These 3 Things Now:

1. Give a donation you'll be proud of;

2. Recruit your friends by sending them this message;

3. Get involved exposing "America's Fraud President"-spread the word far and wide.

Do you understand what this means? If you can't do this, then please get out of the way. Patriots have work to do and we can't get it done if our ranks are filled with onlookers and blowhards.

We need true patriots ready to step up and take charge. Are you with us?

Now it's time to keep it going.

Astonishing, isn't it? You understand we're calling those who want to know more with live operators. We're giving America the no-holds-barred, REAL facts and asking them to get involved!

In short, this is why we need your help paying for the costs: to keep these calls to ONE MILLION HOUSEHOLDS going. Remember, we're calling ONE MILLION HOUSEHOLDS, ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND at a time!

Help us give the media a "by-pass" and help the Tea Party spill the facts to America and destroy "America's Fraud President!"

How many households will you help at .23 cents each?

Thank you. Someday your children will thank you for saving their future.

Keep Obama Off 2012 Ballot
G. Edwin Lint, BS, ThB, MA, -- Editor
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AntiObama Library of Must Reads

Drawbridge's Posts Concerning Obama's Alleged Criminal Activities

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