Obama crushes civil liberties like Dubya [President George W. Bush] never did

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WND Exclusive: Roger Hedgecock exposes egregious violations of citizens' constitutional rights
Posted: Mar 05, 2012 9:22 AM EST

Remember post 9/11? Liberals mounted a full-throat defense of constitutional rights against what they saw as a civil liberties-violating "War on Terror."

They charged that Evil Bush routinely violated Americans' cherished constitutional rights through Orwellian titled laws like the "Patriot Act."

Evil Bush detained hundreds of foreign nationals without trial at Guantanamo prison where three or four were waterboarded. He listened in on phone conversations between people in this country and people in countries he identified as "terrorist" without a warrant.

It was the worst of times. Evil Bush had shredded the Constitution.

In 2008, a pure beam of righteous light named Barack Hussein Obama broke the darkness of Evil Bush, promising if elected president, to repeal the Patriot Act, close Guantanamo prison, stop the war, ban torture and restore civil liberties.

It was the best of times. Obama would save us.

Three years later, even Obama's most rabid acolytes must admit his betrayal.

Obama, as is his talent, talked a good game, but Guantanamo is still open and recently expanded to include a $750,000 soccer field. There's nothing too good for our foreign guests. [That's your tax dollars at work, and every cent was printed and/or borrowed!]

Obama declared the end of hostilities in Iraq and announced a deadline for withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. Despite the well-publicized announcements, troops remain in Iraq, where terrorist attacks are on the rise, and fighting continues in Afghanistan. Under Obama, American troops now fight in nearly a dozen other countries Bush never invaded.

The hated Patriot Act was renewed at Obama's request, giving this president even more power to snoop and pry into your private communications without a warrant.

The Department of Homeland Security now actively monitors (through a private contractor, no less) social networks such as Twitter and Facebook to uncover "Items of Interest," or IOI. The contractor generates "real time IOI reports" to bureaucrats in the DHS.

Part of this effort involves a DHS "media monitoring team" that collects and records "personally identifiable information," or PII, in connection with monitoring the tweets and posts of members of the media.

DHS has published a list of hundreds of key words that will trigger collection and identification.

The keywords include the name of any federal agency or the "Red Cross" or the "United Nations." Under "domestic security," using riot, bomb, gangs, looting, drill, cops and dozens of other words will get your tweets and posts collected, no matter the context.

If you use the words toxic, plume, gas, burn, hazardous, infection, biological or many other medical terms, your tweets and posts will be identified and collected, regardless of the context of the use of these words. Ditto with wave, sick, pork, flu, etc

At Obama's request, Congress included in last year's National Defense Authorization Act authority for the U.S. military to detain non-citizens on American soil. Last week, the White House issued "implementing procedures" for the NDAA that, for the first time in our history allow the military to arrest and detain non-citizens in the US

While banning waterboarding, Obama has assumed the right to kill American citizens deemed "terrorists" without trial wherever they are found, something Evil Bush never did.

Last week, at Obama's request, the House passed HR 347, making it illegal to protest federal officials "visiting any facility" who have Secret Service protection. Penalties for doing so include up to 10 years in federal prison. "Petition for redress of grievances" just got repealed.

Making war without Congress approval, snooping on private communications without a warrant, killing American citizens without due process, denying citizens the right to protest (remember when Hillary screeched that "protest is patriotic"?), this president has taken the imperial presidency to new lows.

Faced with Obama's outrageous shredding of our civil liberties, where are the liberal critics of George Bush today? Silent.

Obama campaigns for re-election with the slogan, "We can't wait for Congress to act." Given Obama's comprehensive violations of civil liberties, the slogan is a blatant call for dictatorship.

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G. Edwin Lint, BS, ThB, MA, -- Editor
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AntiObama Library of Must Reads

Drawbridge's Posts Concerning Obama's Alleged Criminal Activities

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