Obama: Larry Sinclair reports his 1999 homosexual encounter and cocaine use with you in an interview with the New Hampshire Herald

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In this video, Sinclair includes the use of cocaine and homosexual activity in the limo and later in a hotel at Gurnee, IL

Now, the interview between the Herald and Larry Sinclair about his homosexual and drug activity with Obama

and here's a link to the YouTube video:

Larry: No. Actually it was the Chicago Police department that got all the phone records from Sprint/Nextel. I didn't get any of them at the time. I had absolutely no idea who the guy was. It didn't dawn on me who the guy was until I believe March or April, 2008.

Herald: So he calls you in September and asked why you didn't expose your sexual encounter with Obama?

Larry: Yes. That's when I knew he was not with the campaign.

Herald: If he wasn't with the campaign, how could he have gotten your phone number?

Larry: I found out from him he was given the number I had left with the campaign by Barack Obama himself.

Herald: So he asked you why you didn't tell the campaign about the sexual affair.

Larry: No he asked me why I didn't ask Obama to come clean about the sexual encounter.

Herald: You said you found out later that he too had had sexual encounters with Obama.

Larry: According to him, he was actually involved in an intimate sexual relationship with Obama for several years.

Herald: Did he give you some of the details of this relationship like when, where and stuff like that?

Larry: No. He just simply said he was sexually involved for several years. Actually Donald Young's mother came out in July of 2010 and said she knows her son and Obama were very close and that she knows the son was killed to protect Obama.

Herald: When Young says to you, why didn't you get Obama to come clean of his sexual affair and you know you have never met Young. What was going on in your mind hearing him say this?

Larry: The first thing I thought was; OK, I have no idea whom I'm talking to but I know ... it's not the campaign because I didn't give any of that information to the campaign. So I was very careful of what I said and didn't say to this individual. It was only after the constant talking together, the text messages over the month that he started opening up and telling me exactly who he was and I started explaining to him.

It was never my intention to bring the sex charges up. Even when I went public in January of 2008 on YouTube, people said, why did you have to come up with the sex thing now? And I explained to them that look, for the same reason when I told the campaign I know he was lying about the extent of his drug use. If the campaign had ever called me back and said look, how do you know Obama is lying then I would have told them exactly how I knew it because I was at the back of the limo doing it.

The sex thing to me was never meant to be an issue. However, once I went public on YouTube, I had no choice but to tell the whole story because if I didn't, then they will come back and say how did you know he was using drugs, I still will have to tell them because he was using at the back of the limo Then they'll look at you and say well, you didn't tell us that part. Why are you adding that later? I'm like I'm not going through this. If I'm going to call him on the fact that he's lying on the extent of his drug use then I'm going to put the whole story out there, every bit of it at one time and then people either question him or don't question him. But you don't turn around and accuse me of adding things to the story down the road. It just not gonna happen that way. So I decided!

Herald: So what did Young tell you about the relationship between him and Obama? How long did he say it went on?

Larry: What I had been told by Young eventually was he himself, like I said, had been involved in an intimate sexual relationship with Obama for years. He had made it clear to me that he was personally given the cell phone number I had left with the campaign by Barack Obama himself and he had been asked to call me and try to find out exactly who I had been talking to, exactly who I had contacted to tell the story to and exactly what I had told to any one I had been speaking with.

Herald: That was in 2008, correct?

Larry: No. It was in the fall of 2007. I went public in 2008. January 17 of 2008. Almost immediately after I went public, because I had been talking to several different journalists out of different newspapers in New York. And what they kept telling me was that one reporter had been told to get the story written only to have the political editor tell him I'm not running this. Everybody was scared. They were scared they were going to be attacked by the Obama campaign. They said anybody who was going to break a story on Obama was going to be labeled racist or oh, you can't stand it when a black man is running for office. So after dealing with the New York Post for a little more than a month, I had decided, you know what? To hell with it. I will just make the video, put it on YouTube and let the chips fall where they may.

Almost as soon as I put the video out on YouTube, Bill Burton who was the spokesperson for the Obama 08 campaign, started putting out statements in the Internet claiming that someone had contacted the Obama campaign in November, 2007, claiming they represented me. That the person had said if the campaign paid me $100,000, they could make the story go away. This is something the Obama campaign started circulating in the Internet with all of their allies in the Daily Kos, Democratic Underground, Obama for America and www.Mybarackobama.com. I never have had anyone contact the Obama campaign representing me. The contact made to the campaign specifically in 2007 was made directly by me. I have never once asked the campaign to pay me anything. I have never once told the campaign that the story will go away if they did this or if they did that.

Editorial Comment: Homer Cain [a full-blooded black man] had his feet held to the fire until he quit.

Newt's so-called proposal of open marriage became headline news during a debate, no less.

It would be racist if we did not hold bi-racial Obama accountable for his 1999 limo and hotel homosexual activity to an equal degree as we did Cain and Newt! gel


G. Edwin Lint, BS, ThB, MA, -- Editor
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Drawbridge's Posts Concerning Obama's Alleged Criminal Activities

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