Romney will lose against Barack Obama: Republicans, don't be fooled

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The media is already touting Romney's first GOP candidate to win both Iowa caucus & New Hampshire primary. But that does not make Romney a winner against Barack Obama in November. What we are seeing in the 2012 GOP race is what we saw in 2008 with the Democrats. The party establishment has decided who the voter is to accept as the parties nominee, but unlike 2008, the GOP will not win against Barack Obama if the nominee is Mitt Romney.

Let us explain how we come to our opinion in this matter. The GOP is a splintered party and has failed to come out in force in recent years behind a single candidate. Even if those who identify themselves as being Republican came out in November 2012 in full force behind an RNC installed Mitt Romney it would not be enough. Why you ask? Simple, Romney is another John McCain. Romney has had more positions than what is listed in 365 Sex Positions: A New Way Every Day… And John McCain, who recently performed the Arizona back-step with Greta Van Susteren over his 2008 campaign ad "A tale of two Mitt's' has demonstrated some of those many different positions already.

Romney is another John McCain in that neither he nor the RNC has the guts it will require to take the fight directly to Barack Obama. Romney has already pulled a clear John McCain in his speech in Iowa January 3, 2012 when he said "President Obama is a good man." John McCain made the same mistake in 2008 and Mitt

Romney has already begun his "I am entitled to be the GOP Nominee" attitude.

Republicans might want to remember what took place in California after Proposition 8 passed. You better remember the radical Gay rights protesters who targeted the Mormon Church and California Mormon business owners and citizens who donated money to the prop 8 campaign. Mitt Romney will not win against Barack Obama no matter which "Mitt" the Romney camp tries to put on the nightly news cast or campaign ads. Even though those of us here at supported Ca's Prop 8, we also know that a Mitt Romney candidacy will face a very organized and powerful radical gay rights backlash which will bring out more gay support for Obama than the GOP seems to understand. The radical gay rights group are just one of many voting blocks that will come out in massive numbers to support Obama over a Mitt Romney.

Republican voters better decide to take control of their vote back from the RNC and go vote in the primaries and caucuses in your state. Do not go and vote based on what the GOP/RNC establishment tells you; or what FOX News personalities like Britt Hume tells you; vote what you believe and for who you believe represents where America needs to go and who you believe will have the guts to take it to Barack Obama. Do not let the GOP elders tell you who you have to vote for and do not fall victim to this "unless you want another four years of Obama you better nominate Romney and put an end to the GOP primary race."

Today we still believe Ann Coulter was sober and on to something when she said this in Feb 2011 "If we don' t run Chris Christie, Romney will be the nominee and we'll lose," and we also believe Ann was either drunk or was experiencing a contact high from all the fumes she was breathing when she said this on December 13, 2011, "I think it's going to be Romney, I think Romney is the strongest candidate and I think Republicans want to beat Obama and Romney is the best one to do that."

We are NOT in any way, shape or form endorsing anyone in the GOP Presidential nomination process. We are however pointing out that the Party "elders" and or "establishment" has demonstrated that they are more concerned with selecting a nominee they can or will control as opposed to allowing the process to work by letting the Republican voter decide who they want to represent them. We are pointing out that the GOP establishment has taken up attacking and bad mouthing other GOP primary candidates who have far more qualifications than Romney not because they can't beat Obama (we believe a number of candidates can beat Obama) but because the GOP establishment can't get over having to do the job they were elected to do years ago.

Mark our words, here and now, if Mitt Romney is installed as the GOP nominee we WILL have four more years of Barack Obama.

Mitt Romney's comment tonight in New Hampshire "the American free enterprise has come under attack by some desperate republicans…" shows Romney hasn't a clue on how to beat Barack Obama. Mr. Romney, your campaign adds which are covering the air ways promoting your years at Bain Capital and touting your record of creating jobs is a valid issue to call you on, and being called on it by your GOP opponents is far better than waiting until you are installed as the GOP nominee and the Obama camp tear you to shreds over it.

Of course, much of this took place before Newt scored a major victory in South Carolina this past Saturday!

Keep Obama Off 2012 Ballot
G. Edwin Lint, BS, ThB, MA, -- Editor
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AntiObama Library of Must Reads

Drawbridge's Posts Concerning Obama's Alleged Criminal Activities

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