Colton Burpo: "Heaven is for real and you're gonna like it!"
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3-year-old Colton Burpo

Matt Lauer on the Today Show Meets Pastor Todd and Sonja Burpo, Colton's parents, as he learns about a three-year-old who left his body during emergency surgery and traveled to heaven, and then came back to tell about it.

Colton's descriptions of Heaven, Jesus, God the Father, and the Holy Spirit are completely in line with scripture, although he hadn't yet learned to read.

Heaven is for Real by Pastor Todd Burpo

You may read several book in 2012.

Make sure this is one of them. You may never be the same!

Todd and Sonja showed Colton various pictures of Jesus by contemporary artists over four years. Colton always said they didn't exactly look like the Jesus he saw in heaven.

Then, one day, they showed him this picture:

Prince of Peace
by Akiane Kramarik

What's wrong with this one?

After careful study, seven-year-old Colton replied, "Dad, that one's right."

Be sure to visit Akiane's website. Scroll down, enter her gallery, and click the Play buttons until her video starts.

Akiane [Ah-kee-ah-nuh] has also been to heaven. That's how she painted a picture of Jesus that Colton recognized!


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