Rush predicts landslide Obama loss in 2012

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Rush rarely goes out on a limb and makes a prediction. When he does, his accuracy is close to Ivory's.


While polls across America show Barack Obama in a tight race for president with potential Republican nominees, top-rated radio host Rush Limbaugh doesn't think the outcome of the race will even be close.

"If the election were today, it would be a landslide loss," Limbaugh said this afternoon [Jan. 9, 2012]. "Let me define landslide: five to seven points. It'd be big. It would be huge."

"Make no mistake about it," he continued. "Of this I am as confident as anything. I know it's not reflected anywhere else in the media and it's not reflected too many other places in conservative media. But I'm telling you, he's toast. Just as Jimmy Carter was toast, and nobody knew it until election night [in 1980].

Limbaugh cited Gallup polling about Obama's personal approval ratings among voters, and he says the forecast is not bright for the president.

"Forty-two percent approve, 49 disapprove. Among white people, Obama is down to 35 percent approval. In 2008, he had 43 percent of the white vote. Among Hispanic people, Obama is at 46 percent, down from 67 percent. By age group, Obama is at 47 percent approval among voters under 30. In 2008, he got 66 percent of their vote. I mean he's plummeting, folks. He has been in a downward spiral for two years and it continues."

Limbaugh put little faith in professional pollsters who continue to show an even matchup with whomever the Republican nominee is going to be.

"These people that are doing the polling have no idea of the voter enthusiasm in the anti-Obama ranks out there. No idea whatsoever. They think that you are getting dispirited. They think that the Republican fight is boring you and depressing you, and they think a lot of you can be inspired to sit home and not vote because you don't have a prayer.

"They think they can create that mindset in you. That's what they're banking on. I happen to know that isn't going to work.

"[There are] way too many people who love this country way too much.

"That isn't going to happen."

Keep Obama Off 2012 Ballot
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