"Warrior," the REAL War Horse the Germans couldn't kill, who braved the bullets, barbed wire. and shell fire of World War I

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General Jack Seely with his beloved war horse, "Warrior"

The tale of War Horse has gone from beloved children's book, to successful stage play to Hollywood movie directed by Steven Spielberg.

But whereas this one equine hero's exploits are fictional those of "Warrior" who carried General Jack Seely of the Canadian cavalry throughout the horrors of World War I are all true.

The bravery of the thoroughbred were documented in a book written by General Jack Seely, in 1934.

Trusty companion: General Jack Seely wrote a book about his time at battle with his beloved war horse, "Warrior," who he called a 'courageous animal.'

His grandson Brough Scott describes General Seely's unique relationship with an animal that a group of cavalrymen dubbed 'The horse the Germans couldn't kill'.

Speaking to The Sunday Times, he described Warrior's life from his birth on the Isle of Wight to how a combination of both the horse's extraordinary character and some unbelievable twists of fate, helped him survive a war which claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of horses.

The first time General Seely rode the Warrior through shell fire, it was at the battle of Mons, on the French border and he was amazed to discover that Warrior did not try to run away and instead the thoroughbred 'was pretending to be brave and succeeding in his task.'

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Drawbridge's Posts Concerning Obama's Alleged Criminal Activities

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