Happy 2012 to all our friends and family

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January 1, 2012

Since our family was planning a photo shoot for December, 26, 2011, we waited to send you our greeting until it could include the new family portrait.

In the picture here, we are arranged as follows, front to back and left to right:

Row 1: Nate
Row 2: Dillon, Nancy, Justus, Ed, Amy
Row 3: Dave, Emily, Victoria, Tori, Steve, Jessi
Row 4: Judy, Jim, Pat

Ed has been writing his life's story since 2004 and it is now complete through the end of 2011. As family events of note occur, he will update this document, which is now over 114 pages. You may download it for your amusement and edification at the following URL:


G. Edwin Lint and Nancy Hile Lint, married 1956

Our elder daughter Judith 1958 [Judy] and her husband, Patrick M. Carney [Pat] and daughter Victoria M. 1997 [Tori]

Our elder son David E. 1961 [Dave] and his wife, Emily B., son Dillon J. 1996 and daughter Amy G. 1999

Our younger son James Alan 1967 [Jim] and his wife Victoria B.

Our younger daughter Jessica Lee 1971 [Jessi] and her husband Steven M. Cherrico [Steve], their elder son Justus M. 2004, and younger son Nathan J. 2007 [Nate]

May you and all those you care about have a peaceful and bountiful 2012,

Ed and Nancy

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