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Bible Sex Facts Table of Contents

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©1996 J. F. "Jeff" Cogan

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Have you seen Mel Gibson's movie, The Passion of the Christ?

Letters from Readers


Part One: For Children

1. Child Molestation
2. Sex Education in the Public School
3. How do I talk to our children about sex? Asked Questions with Answers
Bonus for Parents Guidelines for Spanking Your Children


Part Two: For Single Persons

1. "Petting" Is Playing with dynamite.
2. Just what is safe sex?
3. Are erotic dreams sinful?
4. Is it wrong to indulge in sexual fantasies; what about masturbation?
5. Is it possible for a homosexual person to be a minister?
6. Should newly-weds have sex the first night of the honeymoon?
7. Is there a limit to kissing before marriage?
8. Is petting wrong?
9. Why is the sex drive so strong when it can lead to sin?
10. Is it reasonable to expect both women and men to remain virgins until marriage?
11. What if I/we have been guilty of fornication [intercourse before marriage]?
12. Loss of virginity due to rape or incest

Part Three: For Married Persons
(and those who have set a wedding date)

1. How should I treat attractive members of the opposite sex?
2. Are there acceptable alternatives to sexual intercourse?
3. What about anal sex; is it sinful?
4. Is there anything wrong with birth control?
5. What is Natural Family Planning? [NFP]
6. How important is communication in the bedroom?
7. Is it all right for married couples to go to dances?
8. How important is foreplay in marriage?
9. Doesn't the Bible consider oral sex to be a perversion?
10. What does the Bible say about orgasm?
11. When a married couple is engaged in foreplay, when should the husband insert his penis?
12. Never fake an orgasm
13. Is it all right for a married couple to use pornography during foreplay?
14. What about privacy with children in the house?
15. What words can we use during sexual activity?
16. Sexual Activity During Pregnancy.
17. Is it wrong to use vibrators and other "sex toys"?
What every wife should know about her husband's impotence


Preface and Introduction

Part 1: For Children

Part 2: For Single Persons

Part 3: For Married Persons

Appendix A: Glossary

Appendix B: What the Bible Says About Sex

Feedback From Readers

Appendix A: Glossary

Appendix B: What the Bible Says About Sex

Ted Bundy's Execution-Eve Interview
Questions and Answers
Normal is Better than Average
What the Bible says about homosexuality
Letters from Readers

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