Acorn Stairlift at the Ed Lint house

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Before I get into the Acorn Stairlift, I want to talk about the layout of our house, plus a brief personal medical review.

Our house is what you call a bi-level. When you come in the front door, you come into a landing with a choice of 7 steps up to the main floor or 7 steps down to the ground floor where my office, the family room, the laundry/furnace room, and 2 car garage are located. On the main floor are the upper landing, the living room, kitchen, dining room, and three bedrooms.

We moved here March 21, 1981 when I was 47 years old. Fourteen steps? Hardly gave it a thought. However, in June 1996, I had a quintuple cardiac bypass which left me with congestive heart failure. The Internet defines CHF this way:

Congestive heart failure is a chronic condition affecting the chambers of the heart. It develops when the ventricles of the heart cannot pump blood in sufficient volume. Consequently, blood and other fluids back up in your lungs, abdomen, liver, and lower body.

I was put on Lasix [a water pill], and led a fairly normal life until about six months ago. At that point, a began to have severe shortness of breath. I began to make the rounds of my doctors [cardiologist, urologist] and I have an appointment in December with lung specialists. A Bi-level house is no place for an 80 year old CHF patient, so we had an Acorn Stairlift installed in the house. Now I can travel from the ground floor to the main floor by pressing one button. Actually, that button is a "dead man's switch". As long as I keep pressing it, the chair keeps on going up/down.

Here I am, riding down from the main floor
Here I'm at the foyer level, ready to go on down to the ground floor.  
The chairlift comes with two identical remote controls. One for the ground floor and one for the main floor. These buttons are also of the "dead man's switch" variety. With the remote controls, I can carry freight [laundry, groceries], as the next pictures illustrate.
Here's a load of laundry on its way down to the laundry room on the ground floor. A bungee cord serves as a seat belt for the basket.  
Here's another shot of the laundry trip. It has just made the turn around the newel post and is on its way down to the ground floor.


By the way, some minor modifications needed to be made to the house. An electrical outlet needed be installed in the ground floor hall to provide electricity to charge the stairlift's batteries.

The wrought iron railing needed to be shortened to give the chair room to make the turn at the newel post. Our son in law, Patrick Carney was in charge of these modifications, and he was assisted by our elder son, Dave, along with our grandson Dillon.


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