50th Wedding Anniversary and Vow Renewal

Nancy Hile Lint and G. Edwin Lint

July 2, 2006 - 4:00 p.m.

Radisson Penn Harris Hotel,
Camp Hill, Pa.

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Our son, Jim, made a logo that we used on the lobby sign, door signs, programs, and CD labels.

The first order of business was the food. There was a nice buffet plus hot items served by roving butlers in uniform.

Of course, coffee, tea, and soft drinks were available.

The room was tastefully decorated by our girls with cut flowers on every table.

The fellowship hour was from four till five. Guests were free to move around the room and enjoy the food and visit the memorabilia area.

The bride's original gown, as well as the flower girl's [Jacki] dress were on display. Judy also wore the gown in her wedding in 1985.

Three identical slide shows comprised of activities of the Ed Lint Family over the years ran continuously and automatically. The slide on the screen at this instant was of the four sisters, here being viewed by Mrs. Nina Wislocky, our Pastor's wife.

During the fellowship time, the top 40 hits of the 50s played on the sound system. As the five o'clock hour approached, the music changed to sacred organ and piano music transcribed by Marceille Harrison, sister of the bride. Each family was given a CD copy of this music, as a souvenir of the occasion.

Ed and Dave discussing the cueing of the organ music.

When it was time for the processional, the CD player jammed. Pat, Jim, and Dave are trying to figure what's not happening. Eventually we had to turn it upside down and shake it to get it to play again.

So much for the high tech of the new century!

Vicki, Jim's wife, and Emily [Dave's wife] served as Bride's Matrons

Jessi, our younger daughter, was Matron of Honor -- Dillon, assisted by the speedy Justus, was the ring bearer.

Dillon told me later he had a hard time keeping up with Justus because he was trying to keep up with the Matron of Honor, his Mommy.

Tori and Amy laying down a path of flowers for the coming Bride.

Who gives this woman? We still do! Mr. and Mrs. Max L. Hile still give Nancy to me after 50 years.

Pastor Judy Carney, our elder daughter is Pastor for Children and Director of the Children's School at the New Cumberland [Pa.] Church of the Nazarene.

Pastor Steve Cherrico is Jessi's husband. He is Youth Pastor and Team Leader at Christ Church Nashville.

Pastors Judy and Steve conducted the ceremony and led us in our vows: Judy for Nancy and Steve for me.

The full text of the vows appears below the pictures.

Then the Forever Ring and the kiss!

Then, we go off script as each of the kids pays us a tribute:
Judy, Dave, Jim, and Jessi, in age-ical order, as they used to say when they were younger.
Jessi was the flower girl at my sister's wedding in 1976, when she was five. During the down-time while the photographer was taking pictures, Jessi disappeared into the crowd. Later, we learned she had been selling the leftover rose petals to people who were waiting to go into the reception. Nancy was mortified. I thought it was hilarious!

Now, time for cake! The cake top is from our original wedding cake served August 4, 1956. The cakes, by the way, were delicious: Chocolate Mousse and Strawberry Crème, from the Pennsylvania Bakery.

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Max L. Hile, Nancy's Dad, with Geraldine [Jeri] Hile, her Mother

It saddens us to report that Mother succumbed to kidney cancer and went to be with the Lord August 21, 2006. She was 90.

Dad followed her to Heaven November 11, 2006. He died of respiratory failure following a series of strokes. He was 92.

Now they are together forever.


Some of Nancy's family: clockwise-- Holly and Chris Wert, Marilyn Wert, Marceille Harrison, Jerilee Carney, Jonah Carney [in the stroller], Dominic Herbst [behind the flowers, Jacki Herbst, Jeri Hile, Max L. Hile, Abigail Carney.

Marceille: the eldest of Nancy's three sisters and the organist [transcribed] and original soloist on 8/4/56.

Marilyn, Nancy's middle sister and a bridesmaid in the original wedding.

Jacki, Nancy's youngest sister and the four-year-old flower girl in the original wedding.

That time, she refused to participate in the rehearsal. She was "waiting until I have my wedding dress on".

Rev. Paul J. Wislocky, Senior Pastor of Christian Life Assembly.

Pastors Steve and Judy greeting Connie and Paul Engle, Pat's mother and step-father.

Emily with her mother, Janet Bihl

L-R Charles and Sally Bingman [Vicki's parents], Joyce Conti, Pat Gringrich, [Nancy's boss at her part-time retirement job at APMC],

Bob Adams [in the background, to the right of Bing.

Bob Adams and I have been friends since we were in high school. He asked me to be his Best Man at his wedding in Alexandria, Va. In the early 60s, our families saw a Billy Graham Crusade [at the old Griffith Stadium] and Ben Hur together.

CCW: Brenda and Hubert Smith, Paul and Connie Engle, Barb Long.

Neil and Theresa Fowler [those flowers again]

Here are some pictures of the wedding party

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Nancy and her posse: Emily, Amy, Jessi, Judy, Tori, Vicki


Ed and his posse: Dave, Justus, Dillon, Steve, Pat, Jim


This picture was taken in the lobby of the Radisson

Clockwise, from top left: Vicki, Jim, Emily, Dave, Judy, Pat, Steve, Jessi, Nancy, Justus, Ed, Tori, Dillon, Amy.

[We were all singing Itsy, Bitsy Spider to get Justus to hold his pose.]


The Original Wedding Party:
Pilgrim Holiness Church, Milton, Pa.
August 4, 1956

Marilyn Hile, Mary Frances Rogers, Nancy Fisher, Jacki Hile [flower girl], Nancy Lee Hile,
G. Edwin Lint, J. Franklin Lint, Jr., Paul J. Pierpoint, Norman G. Wilson
Not Pictured -- Soloists: Marceille A. Hile, Charles Matthews; Pianist, Dan Conrad
Rev. J. Franklin Lint Sr., Rev. Alan Jackson

2. Text of the Renewal Vow
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Here's the full text of our vows: Rev. Judith L. Carney and Rev. Steven M. Cherrico, officiating:

[Judy] The vows Nancy and Ed are about to exchange are similar to those given before my grandfather, Rev. J. Franklin Lint, on August 4, 1956.

Who gives this woman to be married to this man? [Max and Jeri] We still do.

[ Steve] Ed, will you continue to have this woman as your wedded wife, as you live together in God’s ordinance of holy matrimony? Will you continue to love her, comfort her, honor and keep her, in sickness and in health, and forsaking all others, make her the only woman in your life?

[Ed:] I will

[Judy] Nancy, will you continue to have this man as your wedded husband, as you continue to live together in God’s ordinance of holy matrimony? Will you continue to love him, comfort him, honor and keep him, in sickness and in health, and forsaking all others, make him the only man in your life?

[Nancy: I will.]

[Judy to Nancy and Ed:] You may join hands.

[Judy, to Nancy] I, Nancy, continue to take you, Edwin . . .As my cherished and lawful husband . . .To be the head of our family and the high priest of our home . . .To be my best friend and the only love in my life . . . Until Jesus comes back in the rapture or we are separated by death . . .

[Steve to Ed] I, Edwin, continue to take you, Nancy . . .As my cherished and lawful wife . . .To be the matriarch of our family and the high priestess of our home . . .To be my best friend and the only love in my life . . .Until Jesus comes back in the rapture or we are separated by death . . .

[Steve] What symbol do you have for Nancy to confirm your vows to her?

[Ed] This Forever Ring. [Steve] You may now place the Forever Ring on the third finger of her right hand as a symbol of the past, present, and future of your marriage and your love for each other

[Judy] By the authority vested in us by the International Church of the Nazarene, Christ Church Nashville, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and the State of Tennessee, Pastor Steve and I now renew your marriage license for another fifty years. Ed, that license authorizes you to kiss your wife.

[Individual tributes offered by Judy, Dave, Jim, and Jessi.]

3. Text of the Program

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Ornate fonts are not replicated; all text is in Times New Roman

50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration and Vow Renewal

Nancy Hile Lint and G. Edwin Lint

Married August 4, 1956 In the old
Pilgrim Holiness Church
Milton, Pennsylvania

July 2, 2006
Radisson Penn Harris Hotel
Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

Page 2

4:00 p.m.

Hors d'Oeuvres -- Fellowshipping and eating -- Viewing an Ed Lint Family slide show
[all computers will show identical programs] -- Visiting the Memorabilia Table -- Sampling the Internet version of Gospel Caravan [Headsets are available; for the URL, please take a business card.]

5:00 P. M.

Renewal of Wedding Vows

Original Minister
Rev. J. Franklin Lint, Sr.,
Father of the Groom [1909 – 1993]

Page 3

Parents of the Bride
Max and Jeri Hile

The Vow Renewal Party

Matron of Honor
Jessica L. Cherrico, Younger Daughter

Emily B. Lint, Wife of Dave
Victoria Bingham Lint, Wife of Jim
(Original Bridesmaid: Marilyn Hile Wert, sister of the bride)

Best Man

David E. Lint,
Elder Son

James A. Lint, Younger Son
Patrick M. Carney, Husband of Judy

Flower Girls

Victoria M. Carney, Daughter of Judy

Amy G. Lint, Daughter of Dave

(Original Flower Girl: Jackie Hile Herbst,
Sister of the bride)

Ring Bearers

Dillon J. Lint, Son of Dave
Justus M. Cherrico, Son of Jessi

Officiating Ministers
Rev. Judith L. Carney, Elder Daughter
Rev. Steven M. Cherrico, Jessi’s husband

Organist and Pianist [Transcribed] Marceille Hile Harrison, Sister of the Bride

Page 4

Cake and Fellowship following the ceremony

Thank you for sharing this special time with us. By the way, it is our pleasure to give each family a CD of Marceille’s organ and piano music you have been hearing this afternoon. Please be sure to pick up your CD before you leave. If for any reason, you don’t get your CD before you leave, we still have the master and can dub you a copy. Just write edlint@comcast.net or call 717-697-8122.

Nancy and Ed

And, a special thank you to Judy, Dave, Jim, Jessi, and your spouses, Pat, Emily, Vicki and Steve. We truly appreciate all the time and energy it took to put this evening together. We love you all so much and will remember today always.

Digital photography by Denise Melachrinos and Patrick M. Carney
The wall of windows on the left and the mirrors on the right created a lighting challenge

© 2006 G. Edwin Lint
DiskBooks Electronic Publishing

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